Halo Infinite Season 1 Heroes of Reach: dates, battle pass, skins, events

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halo infinite multiplayer season one

The first batch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer content is coming with Season 1: Heroes of Reach. 343 Industries are preparing a battle pass with over a hundred items along with an in-game event, so here are all the important dates and details to know.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Season 1: Heroes of Reach will introduce the first stream of cosmetics and rewards for the game. It’s filled with different helmets, Spartan outfits, and armor effects that people will be able to customize their characters.

343 will also implement in-game events that will have separate themed rewards and event passes to add exclusive cosmetics throughout the debut season.

Here is everything that Heroes of Reach will include as players explore Halo Infinite multiplayer premiere.

Halo Infinite Season 1 release date

Halo Infinite Season 1 is officially underway after the Multiplayer beta went live on November 15 and will last until May 2, 2022.

Usually, seasons will last three months but the studio extended the first one to have plenty of time to work on Season 2.

Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass

The future of Halo starts now as 343 begins its live service model for Halo Infinite with a loaded battle pass filled with tiers to unlock.

Throughout the battle pass, people will find familiar skins from the Halo franchise along with armor pieces, weapon charms, visors, coatings, emblems, and Armor FX.

halo infinite multiplayer battle pass
Rewards that players will be able to unlock in the Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer event Fracture: Tenrai

The first Halo Infinite event will be called Fracture: Tenrai and will come to the game from November 23 until November 30.

The event will return sporadically throughout Season 1 for players to participate and unlock rewards.

Halo Infinite’s first event skin for Fracture: Tenrai is the Yoroi (Samurai) armor core.

It’s going to be a completely free event that will offer players a chance to get the Yoroi (Samurai) armor core. Special premium cosmetics for Yoroi will come to the shop as added offerings down the road.

Throughout the Halo Infinite Multiplayer experience, the developers will integrate in-game events that come with their own special playlists and an event-specific pass for its rewards.

343 still have more surprises for players ahead of Infinite’s release date in December, so keep it locked on Dexerto’s Halo coverage for more info.

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