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For anyone diving back into the Halo Infinite campaign for co-op, you may need to know how to access it, as well as knowing more about the features. Here’s everything you need to know.

Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign has been one of the most highly regarded additions to the game since its original launch in 2022. While Halo campaigns have traditionally launched with a cooperative mode, Infinite did not feature one at release. 

If you’re revisiting the game now though, you may be pleased to know Halo Infinite’s campaign is now available in co-op with up to three other players. As Infinite serves as the franchise’s first open-world experience, the co-op experience is sure to be a very different one from what Halo fans have come to expect.

As well as this, the Halo Infinite campaign finally has a mission replay feature so that gamers can go back through the campaign solo if they wish. In light of all this, here’s everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite Network co-op campaign and mission replay.


Halo Infinite co-op: How to get online and play with your friends

2 Master Chief's jumping off a building
Players will each control their version of Master Chief as they play co-op.

While Halo 5: Guardians introduced four-player co-op campaign for the first time ever, Infinite does one better by allowing four players to play together in a big open-world Master Chief campaign. As per a Halo Infinite blog post, here’s the step-by-step process for gamers wanting to hop on with friends and play through the Halo Infinite campaign together.

To start a Network Co-Op Campaign session, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Halo Infinite.
  2. Select the “+” symbol underneath your Nameplate to add players to your Fireteam.
  3. From the Social menu, select the Friends tab.
  4. From here you can join a friend’s Fireteam or invite them to join yours by selecting their Gamertag and choosing from the options on their Profile menu.
  5. Once the Fireteam has been formed, the Fireteam Leader (FTL) should navigate to the Campaign menu in the Play tab. The FTL is identified by a crown icon in the Fireteam widget located in the bottom left of the screen and in the Social
  6. In the Campaign menu, the FTL can select to Continue their latest save file, start a new save file, or load a specific save file.
  7. Once the FTL selects their save file, they will enter the Campaign Co-Op menu where they can select the preferred Difficulty level and which Skulls to enable.
  8. After pressing the Start Co-Op button, the rest of the Fireteam will be prompted to select their save file.
  9. The FTL can select Start Game to initiate the session once all players select their save file.

No Spartan Left Behind System

One element that the dev team spoke about in detail was the way player progress transfers over from solo and co-op campaign run-throughs.

While previously, every Halo game would separate your solo and co-op progression, Halo Infinite merges the two. This allows for constant retention of progress, regardless of how many other others, if any, players choose to engage in the campaign. 

Spartan Core Progression and Collectibles

2 Master Chief with weapons
Up to four players will be able to replay Halo Infinite’s campaign together

Playing through Halo Infinite’s campaign in co-op still allows players to upgrade Chief’s abilities. Spartan Cores, the item that serves as the leveling-up tool for the different power-ups Chief unlocks throughout the campaign, are still available to find.

When playing co-op, if a player stumbles across a Spartan Core and picks it up, all other players who have not already acquired the specific core will get credit for it also. Players are then left to their own devices in regards to how and what they choose to level up.

Halo Infinite co-op: Platforms and cross-play compatibility

Co-op for Halo Infinite is available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. As well as this, cross-platform support is featured so that PC players can still play co-op with their console friends.

To hop into a co-op campaign. Players will simply utilize the Fireteam system that is featured when linking up to play multiplayer with friends at the moment.

Mission replay

Master Chief on a mongoose
Halo players will now be able to tackle missions in a new way with co-op.

To replay missions, players simply highlight the mission they wish to play through and select replay. The game will then give you the option to select difficulty and activate skulls before the Fireteam is then transported over to begin the mission.

One of the most controversial omissions in the launch of Halo Infinite was the lack of replayability when it came to the game’s campaign. While players are usually able to replay campaign missions to their heart’s delight, Infinite disallowed this up until 2022.

Players also retain all progress and upgraded gear even if certain abilities were not accessible when the mission was originally played through. In essence, it means you’ll be able to go back to the first mission and smash through it with a fully upgraded Master Chief.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite co-op campaign. Make sure you check out our Halo page for all the latest news and game updates. 

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