Pokemon meets Halo Infinite with unreal battle arena creation

Eleni Thomas
Halo Infinite Pokemon header

Halo Infinite Forgers are back with a brand new map and game mode where players select Covenant forces and shoot them out into a battle arena, mimicking another iconic gaming franchise in Pokemon. 

While the beloved Halo Forge mode was delayed by devs 343 Industries multiple times, the feature has now finally been live for a few months in Halo Infinite. With players creating completely new and innovative maps and game types thanks to the tools at their disposal.

And with the launch of Season 5, the player base seems to be jumping back onto Infinite, with engagement now higher than it has been in the past seven months.

One such mode that has recently been created in Halo Infinite mimics another major video game franchise in Pokemon. As seen in a new Twitter post by Dan The Bloke, the game mode allows players to pick up a ball, throw it at the arena, and spawn a Halo enemy as if it is a Pokemon being thrown into battle.

Once players have thrown all their Halo forces onto the stage, the battle begins. In the clip, the likes of Jackals, Elite,s and more can be seen fighting against one another. The players simply sit back and watch their hordes battle it out for glory. The last team standing is then crowned the winner, as you’d expect.

To truly capture the Pokemon essence, the middle of the arena features a giant PokeBall. Other Halo Infinite fans have commented on the viral clip, expressing their excitement and admiration at the new creation.

One user wrote, “Oh my god, I want to be the very best. We need to make a full-blown RPG style mode like this with custom equipment for your active Pokemon, and let you toggle through with a melee attack.

Others added, “Oh my gosh, Forgers never cease to amaze me” and “Bro this is amazing, Please finish this.”

When Forge first released Halo Infinite, Dexerto compiled a list of some of the best fan-made creations using the in-game map feature. Be sure to check it out and enjoy some of the most exciting Forge maps and modes online today.

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