CoD star Shotzzy breaks Halo Infinite movement with new “G-Slide” trick

halo infinite movement tech shotzzy g-slide343 Industries / Call of Duty League

As Halo Infinite’s multiplayer preview continues, former Halo and Call of Duty champion Shotzzy has already broken the movement — as the FPS star figured out how to do Black Ops 3’s “G-Slide” trick in the new game.

Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro is as accomplished as they come in terms of active FPS (first-person shooter) players. Known for ridiculous mobility mechanics, the 20-year-old pro has dropped headfirst into Infinite’s beta and is already breaking the mold.

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While the game won’t officially release until December 8, players are enjoying multiplayer previews to get familiar with mechanics and test things out. Thanks to the advice of others, Shotzzy has already mastered the movement techs during the Call of Duty League offseason.

One such trick is an elongated slide, jump combination that uses elevation to produce a ton of momentum. Reminiscent of Black Ops 3’s infamous “G-Slide,” Shotzzy’s tutorial refers to it as such.

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How to do BO3’s G-Slide in Halo Infinite

As you can see in the video, the trick has fairly wild results — as a player can basically do a long slide into a huge jump. 

Here’s how you pull off the trick:

  • Stand on an elevated surface and sprint forward
  • Hold crouch as soon as off the surface (creating a long slide) 
  • Immediately jump (maintaining momentum)

When done properly, you get the results that Shotzzy did in his video. At its finest, players can take advantage of map awareness and their thumbs to pull surprising verticality out when enemies are unlikely to expect it.

Shotzzy explained that this trick is good for trick shots and general movement diversity, but wasn’t sure what to call it. Ultimately, he settled on the closest comparison: “That doesn’t have a name to it right now … what this reminds me of is the G-Slide from Black Ops 3.”

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black ops 3 call of dutyActivision
Black Ops 3 was a beloved title within the competitive community.

With Halo Infinite’s multiplayer previews underway and its release fast-approaching this holiday season, the competitive community is gearing up.

If you want to add some mobility to your arsenal ahead of release, now you know what Halo movement trick to work on and who you should be watching.