How to get more Wishstones in Lies of P

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Wishstones in Lies of P are a smaller but integral part of combat. They offer diversity and more importantly, can turn the tide in a boss battle. Today, we’ll give a quick explainer of how you can get more.

To make Pinocchio as powerful as possible in Lies of P, you’ll need to embrace all aspects of gameplay. Whether it’s upgrading your weapon’s handle, having the right Legion Arm, or choosing the perfect Grindstone.

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Lies of P presents players with a ton of depth. However, one element that can become lost somewhat is the game’s Wishstone mechanic. While not as prominent or prevalent as other tools, it has a real purpose. So without further ado, let’s quickly run through the ways to better use Wishstones, as well as how to get more.

Neowiz Games, Round 8 Studio

Where to get more Wishstones in Lies of P

There are two ways to procure more Wishstones in Lies of P – obtain a free one from Giangio, or buy multiple Wishstones from him.

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When you first encounter Giangio early on, he will give you your first Wishstone which, when activated, will replenish your health temporarily. Naturally, you will use it before long, and unlike your Grindstone and Pulse Cells, it will not reset upon death.

Instead, you’ll need to speak to him to restock your one free Wishtone. You will need to do this every time as well. However, as you progress through the game, it will actually become possible to hold more than one at any given time. Eventually, you’ll unlock the ability to obtain Gold Coin Fruit.

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This resource can used in a number of ways, but it can also be used to buy Wishstones from Giangio – who’s located in a room directly opposite the Gold Coin Fruit tree.

How to hold more than one Wishstone in Lies of P

In Lies of P, you can hold more than Wishstone, and to do this, you will need to keep spending Quartz on your P-Organs abilities until you unlock the ability to equip more than one Wishstone.

Acquire the skill, and you’ll be able to use multiple Wishstones on your travels. Obviously, this will be extremely helpful in specific situations e.g. bosses.

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That’s a deep look at Wishstones and how they work. We hope this helps you, and for more content, check out our other Lies of P articles:

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