What does Gold Coin Fruit do in Lies of P?

pinocchio and sophia in front of gold coin fruit tree in lies of pNeowiz Games, Round 8 Studio

As you journey through Lies of P, Gold Coin Fruit will become a new resource for you to collect. While the game does explain a bit about the item, we’re here with a thorough guide to this magical currency.

The city of Krat and its surrounding areas have countless mysteries for Pinocchio to discover. From Wishstones to incredibly tricky bosses looking to reduce our hero to dust. All ends of the spectrum are covered in Lies of P.

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Progressing through the game will naturally lead you to discover Gold Coin Fruit in Lies of P. Its source is beautiful and its contents are valuable. The resource is shrouded in a fair bit of mystery, which is to be expected as it is a Soulslike after all, so let’s go through its uses and purpose in the challenging game.

pinocchio in krat train station in lies of pNeowiz Games, Round 8 Studio

What do you do with Gold Coin Fruit in Lies of P?

In Lies of P, you can sell Gold Coin Fruit for Ergo, exchange it for Wishstones, or generously give it to NPCs in the game’s world who request it.

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Quite simply, if you want to make some quick Ergo, you can sell Gold Coin Fruit. Don’t think it’s going to be an epic moneymaking scheme though. Each portion will only return 100 Ergo. So if you’re in a bind and just need a tiny bit of Ergo to get you over the line, then why not sell some of your Gold Coin Fruit?


One of the item’s main uses is the procurement of Wishstones – a special item that imbues you with special effects during combat. You get one free one, but if you want to stock up on them, then you need to go and speak with Giangio. You can find him by doing a 180 from the tree housing the Gold Coin Fruit and heading to the room opposite.

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During the course of Lies of P, several NPCs will ask for some Gold Coin Fruit. Honoring their request can net you some nice rewards. So it’s always handy to have one or two ready just for the occasion.

How to get Gold Coin Fruit in Lies of P

If you’ve forgotten or just need a quick reminder, you can acquire Gold Coin Fruit for free at Hotel Krat.

Once you’ve unlocked the feature, check out these quick steps:

  1. Head on up to the top floor of Hotel Krat.
  2. At the end opposite Geppetto’s office is a small hallway.
  3. Go to the end and turn right down the next hallway.
  4. You’ll eventually come to a garden with the Gold Coin Fruit tree.
  5. Approach it and see if it has any fruit waiting for you, if it does, take it!

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