Disguised Toast caught playing GTA RP off stream and teases character details

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Despite previous reservations about the NoPixel server in GTA RP, OfflineTV sensation Jeffrey ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has been spotted playing the game off stream. 

While thousands of streamers and celebrities have jumped into the NoPixel GTA RP server, streaming icon and OfflineTV star Disguised Toast has steered away from the title.

Despite fellow members of the Amigops crew such as Valkyrae and Sykkuno having caused a decent amount of chaos during their Los Santos adventures, Toast commented that he had no interest in “playing with strangers who are focused on networking.

It turns out, though, that he seems to have reversed his stance a little on playing the iconic Rockstar title.

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GTA RPRockstar Games
GTA RP lets you live out your cop drama fantasies.

Disguised Toast caught playing GTA RP

Choosing to eject himself from Among Us, the game that he’s become so heavily intertwined with, Toast dropped some hints that he would consider jumping on the GTA bandwagon because “it looks fun.”

He continued by stating that: “I kind of like the idea of not streaming it and playing a character and seeing how long before people figure out that it’s me,” and it turns out that’s exactly what he’s been doing.

Revealing on stream that his character is called Amon Gus (collective chuckle), Toast is seen walking past a GTA character called Crystal on her stream.

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He goes on to reveal that he tried it off stream as he is “not comfortable enough to play it on-stream yet,” but admits that he actively prefers it that way. “When you play offstream it’s a little boring because people don’t really want to interact with you, which is why I also kind of like it, because the people that do interact with you are either nice or desperate for content.”

He concluded: “I think it would be easier if I was on stream because it would entice more people to interact with me… but because right now I’m like, incognito, I get to explore the game by myself.”

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It sounds like a GTA RP stream from Toast might be around the corner, but we’ll have to wait and see.