Disguised Toast wants GTA RP Twitch ‘meta’ to end soon

Disguised Toast talking into a mic and a GTA 5 copDisguised Toast/Rockstar Games

OfflineTV star Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang teased the idea of him finally getting involved with GTA RP, but is also hoping people start to get bored of it soon. 

NoPixel’s 3.0 update has brought a lot of players back, and also introduced new eyes to the world of GTA RP. The roleplaying server, which is a part of a PC mod for GTA 5, has quickly taken over Twitch again, with streamers, athletes, and celebrities from from far and wide getting involved. 

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Though, there some who are staying away for one reason or another and that includes Disguised Toast. 

The Offline TV member has been asked to get involved by his chat seeing as Sykkuno has become addicted to GTA RP, but he’s always said no on the count of not wanting to play with people who are focused on “networking.” However, he seems a little more receptive these days. 

GTA 5 ATV SunsetRockstar Games
NoPixel has led to a massive increase in the popularity of GTA RP on Twitch.

During his April 22 stream, Toast returned to Twitch to talk to fans, explaining that he was stepping away from Among Us. He also noted that he wants the GTA RP ‘meta’ to be done with as well, but he might get involved first.

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“A lot of people ask for GTA, maybe I’ll try it if I get really bored. It looks fun, and I kind of like the idea of not streaming it and playing a character and seeing how long before people figure out that it’s me,” Toast said before explaining that he’s hoping it tails off soon. 

“I’m kind of hoping that it’s not that popular for that much longer, no offence to anyone who plays it or like streams it. I just, personally, amn’t super excited about it and I’m patiently waiting for the meta to move on, but it seems like something I’d like playing. I just don’t want to spend the time and effort because I’m lazy.”

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While Toast might want GTA RP to stop being incredibly popular, there’s no signs pointing to its downfall just yet. Some streamers, like Summit, are slowing down their involvement for now so that they don’t burn out

However, the game can still regularly be found in the top three most-watched games on Twitch with upwards of 250,000 viewers depending on what time you check.