Valkyrae is a living weapon in NoPixel GTA RP and it’s hilarious

Rockstar Games, Twitter: Valkyrae

As the hype surrounding the NoPixel GTA RP server began to build, we couldn’t wait to see Valkyrae take to the title. However, it didn’t end quite the way she wanted it to…

GTA RP has become one of the gaming sector’s most popular titles of 2021. Allowing players to inhabit the fictional Los Santos and chat to each other via voice chat, you can do everything from be a policeman to establish a criminal enterprise.

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Twitch sensation Sykkuno recently hopped into the game’s insane universe to explore its secrets, but found himself randomly punching people which, as you can imagine, didn’t exactly end well.

Turns out a similar thing seems to have happened to his “twin,” Valkyrae, as her expeditions on the server wound up yielding similar results.

Valkyrae can’t stop punching people in GTA RP

Machine Gun Kelly corpse husband valkyrae daywalkerMachine Gun Kelly YouTube
It seems like the more aggressive DAYWALKER! Valkyrae is out to play in Los Santos.

A YouTube video of the iconic creator trying out the NoPixel GTA RP server shows her taking her first steps into the virtual city, and it’s not long before she causes some chaos.

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After approaching a group of guys chilling outside of her apartment building, she asks them if they’re real and receives only blank stares in response. Freaked out, she proceeds to run off before being chased and taken out by one of the guys.

“You have some nerve!” yells GTA’s newest lethal weapon, as she sprints back into the fray and starts punching people.

While this is her first experience serving Los Santos’ residents a knuckle sandwich, it isn’t her last. From then on she continually punches friendly players in the head, specifically after one has just offered her a job.

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This happens once again when she’s finally reunited with Sykkuno, known in-game as Yuno, and the two decided to rob some stores together.

Each robbery goes horribly wrong due to her erratic nature, but their last endeavour ends with Rae smacking her fellow creator in the head with a hammer and subsequently having to drive him to hospital.

“You’ve got to take me to the hospital!” he cries in anguish, to which his saviour promptly crashes the car twice, goes flying out of the front window and is killed herself.

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Considering the chaos we’ve seen in Episode One of the series, we can’t wait to see what happens in the highly anticipated sequel!

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