Disguised Toast says he’s taking a break from Among Us content for lots of reasons

Disguised Toast / InnerSloth

Popular streamer Disguised Toast is one of the biggest Among Us players, but he’s revealed that he’s “not excited” by the game anymore and will be slowing down his content.

Despite being released back in 2018, Among Us became one of the biggest multiplayer success stories of 2020. Millions of gamers, both casual and hardcore, have downloaded the game in an attempt to figure out who is “sus” on The Skeld.

One of the major reasons for its success was the number of streamers getting involved. Disguised Toast has been one of the biggest names associated with the game, often teaming up with fellow streamers like Valkyrae, Corpse, and Sykkuno for plenty of memorable moments.

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But now, after months of playing the game almost non-stop, Toast has revealed that he is simply “not excited” by the game anymore, and will be “slowing down” his Among Us content from now on.

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Disguised Toast is well-known for his Among Us streams.

Toast is “slowing down” Among Us content

In a Twitch stream on Thursday, 22 April, Toast opened up about his experience with the game. He explained that, after playing Among Us for so many months, he doesn’t find the game exciting anymore and has run out of ways to keep it fresh.

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“Among Us isn’t that popular, and honestly when I think about playing Among Us, I’m not excited. I like playing with my friends, I enjoy that social aspect, and honestly, I think the viewers enjoy the social aspect, getting to see how someone lies,” he said.

“It’s just that all the different scenarios that can come up in Among Us, have [already] come up. Every backstab, every lie, every strategy… I can’t come up with anything new anymore. There are only so many ways I can say, ‘It wasn’t me’.”

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It’s understandable that Toast is becoming fatigued. While the game still has a large fanbase, it doesn’t have the regular updates and huge amounts of content that other popular multiplayer games like Warzone, GTA Online, and Apex Legends do.

“So I’m probably slowing down the Among Us content, and honestly it’s been a long time coming,” he continued. “The new map came out, [but] you can’t really change up the core gameplay of it.”

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While he did appear to suggest that making the game “a little more complicated” with something like special roles could tempt him back, it seems as though Toast is ready to reduce his Among Us content.

As for what’s next, Disguised Toast followed up his comments by saying that he “likes the idea of playing Minecraft with the right people”, but we’ll have to wait and see if that becomes his main focus.

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