Disguised Toast explains why he refuses to play GTA RP

disguised toast gta rpTwitch: DisguisedToast/Rockstar Games

OfflineTV star Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has explained why he hasn’t jumped on the GTA RP hype train that has taken over Twitch in 2021, citing the ‘networking’ that goes on.

Since leaving Twitch in November 2019, Disguised Toast has become one of the biggest streamers on Facebook Gaming, with over 1.4 million followers.

However, the content creator returned to Twitch on April 10 for a quick Q&A with fans, before returning to Facebook Gaming to stream Among Us, which has overtaken LoL and Hearthstone to become his signature game.

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But fans were delighted to see him on his original streaming platform, and chat begged him stream some GTA RP, which has recently overtaken League of Legends as the most popular game on Twitch.

Twitch: Disguised ToastToast is one of Facebook Gaming’s biggest streamers.

With fans urging him to stream GTA RP, Toast explained how his popularity would prevent him from enjoying GTA RP streams.

“I’m a cranky old man,” the 29-year-old said. “I don’t like playing with strangers and I definitely don’t like playing with strangers who are focused on networking.

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“I’m not saying the majority of people on GTA are [focused on networking], I’m saying they do exist on GTA; I’ve seen them. I would say the majority of people just do their own thing, but there are people who would just walk up to you because you’re a big streamer.”

Toast continued, “I think other streamers would play nice and humor them and try and make an excuse not to interact with them, but I would just be really rude, and I don’t want to cause any drama.”

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Disguised Toast had explained on his March 16 stream how “attention seekers” on major public GTA RP servers “triggered” him.

“There’s always gonna be people loudly advertising what they’re doing, or showing up to popular spots because big streamers are there, and that s*** triggers me a lot.

“So I don’t like it uncontrolled, because then I just become a d***, and people think I’m being an a**hole.”

Toast’s concerns are probably valid, given the struggles other high-profile streamers have faced on the NoPixel server. Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyell, prior to his third and latest ban, had several issues with players stalking him and refusing to engage in constructive RP.

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Either way, it’s unlikely fans will be seeing Toast terrorizing the streets of Los Santos anytime soon.

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