Valkyrae, Sykkuno & Fuslie turn into their GTA RP characters in real life on Vegas trip

Sykkuno Valkyrae roleplay GTA RP characters IRLRockstar Games, Twitter: Valkyrae

During Rachael ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter’s recent trip to Las Vegas she met up with fellow streamers Sykkuno and Fuslie, and the trio decided to role-play as their NoPixel GTA RP characters in real life. 

GTA RP has snowballed into quite the phenomenon in 2021, with streamers across the globe grasping the opportunity to become a completely different person.

Valkyrae and Sykkuno have each taken to the streets of Los Santos, but both iconic streamers have experienced the same issue: they can’t stop punching people.

Thankfully this hasn’t translated across to real life, though, as Rae’s recent Las Vegas trip has shown.

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Valkyrae, Fuslie, Yvonnie, KkataminaTwitter: Valkyrae
The girl group you never knew you needed have finally been reunited!

Rae, Sykkuno and Fuslie’s GTA RP characters come to life

Throughout their time traversing Los Santos’ crime-ridden streets, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Fuslie have become somewhat infamous.

So, it made a lot of sense for the trio to bring their GTA RP personalities into the real world. Raymond, Yuno, and April made a guest appearance at YouTube sensation Ryan Higa’s stunning house and immediately started to cause chaos.

With Fuslie opening the video with “hey Vlog, it’s ya girl April,” the catchphrase that starts every one of April’s videos, we know that we’re in for some madness.

Valkyrae quickly jumps into the background shouting “it’s Raymond” before April asks Yuno “how was your latest bank heist.” The response is a simple “first try,” before Fuslie closes out the video by shutting down Ryan’s pretty interesting flirtations.

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While we wouldn’t want to run into Raymond or Yuno in real life for the sake of keeping our teeth, it’s great to see that the fun has brought the friends even closer together.

The fun exchange prompted responses from fellow gamers such as Jacksepticeye and Corpse Husband, all of whom clearly wanted to be part of the fun.