Cyno revealed in Genshin Impact: Abilities, Sumeru lore, release date

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Cyno looking down in Genshin Impact

Cyno has finally been officially revealed in Genshin Impact as a playable character. The Judicator of Spirits is an Electro Polearm set to play a key role in Sumeru’s story: here’s his abilities, release date, and lore.

With Sumeru finally here with the arrival of Genshin Impact Version 3.0, adventurers are finally becoming acquainted with characters from the Dendro nation.

Cyno was the first one players became familiar with way back when, and now he’s finally launching as a playable character. HoYoverse revealed as much on August 22 with his teaser, and now it’s been confirmed ahead of Version 3.1’s release in late September.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cyno in Genshin Impact, including his abilities, lore, and release date.


Who is Cyno in Genshin Impact?

Cyno is a scholar from Sumeru Academia, a leading institute in arcane arts and historical records. He is also revealed to have a close relationship with Collei – one of the main protagonists of the official Genshin Impact manga.

The Sumeru scholar helps seal Collei’s archon residue, which enables the otherwise ordinary girl to unleash devastating powerful abilities. In the manga, Cyno initially comes off as cold, but his willingness to help others is what makes him such a reliable character.

Cyno abilities in Genshin Impact

With the Genshin Impact Version 3.1 beta going live, players have gotten a first proper look at Cyno’s abilities in-game. The latest reveal has only gone and confirmed it all. And for those who wanted a second Raiden Shogun for some reason, they’ve gotten a decent replica.

Cyno’s Elemental Skill, Secret Rite: Chasmic Soulfarer, lets the Polearm user dash through opponents and deal Electro DMG in a path. It is empowered by his Elemental Burst, dealing more damage and also going a further distance.

That Elemental Burst, Sacred Rite: Wolf’s Swiftness, imbues Cyno’s weapon with Electro and increases his Elemental Mastery. It is cancelled when Cyno swaps out — like Razor’s Burst — so be mindful of that. However it does have an insane uptime of up to 18 seconds.

Cyno in Genshin Impact
Cyno was one of the first teased characters from Sumeru thanks to his appearance in the Genshin Impact manga.

Cyno voice actors

Ahead of Cyno’s introduction to Genshin Impact, details about his English and Japanese voice actors have been confirmed.

Irino Miyu will be playing the scholar in Japanese, while Alejandro Saab will be handling vocal duties for the English dub.

Both performers are veteran voice actors who have appeared in various video games. Miyu is perhaps best known for playing Sora in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, while Saab recently voiced Yuri Leclerc in Fire Emblem Three Hopes and Three Houses.

Cyno release date in Genshin Impact

Cyno, the Judicator of Secrets is coming in Genshin Impact Version 3.1 as part of the first phase banner. That means he’ll be playable as soon as the update drops on September 28, 2022.

He will be joined by new characters Candace and Nilou, who will also be released across the next update.

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