XDefiant Season 1 release date, maps, Ranked Play & GSK Faction

Brianna Reeves
An image of XDefiant season 1 keyart.

Season 1 of XDefiant was finally revealed at Ubisoft Forward 2024. Here’s when the upcoming Season officially begins and all the upcoming content including a new Faction, maps, and Ranked play.

XDefiant Season 1 will kick things off with a fan-favorite Rainbow 6 map and Faction, followed by more content over the rest of the period. While the game’s preseason included a lot of content, even more is coming soon.

Publisher Ubisoft has already laid out a Year 1 roadmap for XDefiant, which will consist of four seasons. Based on the roadmap, each season will introduce a brand-new faction, three weapons, three maps, and a 90-tier Battle Pass.

Once the preseason draws to a close, Season 1 will follow in its stead. Here’s everything we know about XDefiant Season 1 so far.

XDefiant Season 1 release date

Season 1 of XDefiant will launch on July 2, 2024.

July 2 will mark six weeks since XDefiant’s pre-season launch, and the first seasonal update will go live on that day.

xdefiant season 1

Season 1 Battle Pass

A 90-tier premium Battle Pass will be available during Season 1, however, Ubisoft has yet to detail the rewards that will feature in it.

It’s worth noting that the game’s Preseason Battle Pass included character and weapon skins, weapons & weapon XP boosters, hero animations, emoji packs, and the in-game currency XCoins, so we can likely expect similar content for the new Pass.

GSK Faction

Season 1 will include the introduction of the new playable Faction – THE GSK from Rainbow Six Siege.

You’ll be able to play as 3 Operators from Siege with the GSK – namely Blitz, Jäger, and IQ.

New Maps

Three new maps will be available in XDefiant Season 1. These are:

  • Clubhouse
  • Daytona
  • Rockefeller

You can find teaser images of each map in the gallery below:

Capture the Flag

A Capture the Flag mode will be introduced in Season 1 of XDefiant. While details are currently scarce, we can assume it will play out in a similar vein as in other FPS titles like Overwatch.

Ranked Play

Finally, the upcoming season will also mark the full release of Ranked Play with multiple tiers for players to climb, along with a Top 500 rank.

Even more details about Season 1 are set to be revealed on July 1, 2024, in an XDebrief presentation on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel.

That’s everything you need to know about XDefiant Season 1. Be sure to check out the best controller settings and best PC settings to get an upper hand in the game. You can also stay updated by checking XDefiant’s current server status, and how to unlock all Faction characters.