XDefiant: All Faction characters & how to unlock them

Brianna Reeves
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XDefiant players can unlock Faction characters through a variety of hero-specific challenges; here’s everything you need to know.

Ubisoft’s XDefiant includes five different Factions, each one inspired by an existing property – The Division, Far Cry 6, Ghost Recon Phantoms, Splinter Cell, and Watch Dogs.

XDefiant kicked off its pre-season on May 21 with three playable heroes assigned to each Faction. All of them, barring Watch Dogs’ DedSec, have at least one character available to use automatically.

Here’s a breakdown of every character in the shooter and how to unlock them.


Who are the Faction characters in XDefiant?

As of the pre-season, the Ubisoft title plays host to 15 different characters, all spread across the five Factions. They include the following:

  • Cleaners (The Division)
    • De Rosa
    • Green
    • Kersey
  • Libertad (Far Cry 6)
    • Beto
    • Iselda
    • Seleste
  • Phantoms (Ghost Recon Phantoms)
    • Gorgon
    • Rhino
    • Singa
  • Echelon (Splinter Cell)
    • Malee
    • Rafa
    • Samir
  • DedSec (Watch Dogs)
    • Gia
    • Jing
    • Sebastian
xdefiant characters
XDefiant’s Phantoms Faction

How to unlock Faction characters

Ignoring DedSec, all XDefiant Factions automatically give players access to one character, specifically De Rosa, Iselda, Singa, and Malee.

The rest must be unlocked by completing the following gameplay challenges assigned to each hero:

  • Cleaners
    • Green – Get 50 Kills with Incinerator Drone
    • Kersey – Get 50 Kills with Firebomb
  • Libertad
    • Beto – Heal 5,000 to Allies with BioVida Boost
    • Seleste – Heal 5,000 to Allies with El Remedio
  • Phantoms
    • Gorgon – Block 10,000 Damage with Mag Barrier
    • Rhino – Get 25 Kills with Blitz Shield
  • Echelon
    • Rafa – Get 50 Intel Suit Spot Assists
    • Samir – Get 100 Kills While Using Digital Ghillie Suit

To track progress on the above challenges, players can click on the main menu’s ‘Challenges’ option, tab over to ‘Base,’ and then scroll down to the ‘Faction Characters’ section.

Meanwhile, there are currently two ways to unlock the DedSec characters. Players can either pay 1,000 XCoins (the equivalent of $10) or earn 700,000 XP from playing the game.

That’s our guide on how to unlock all XDefiant faction characters. Be sure to check out the best controller settings and best PC settings to get an upper hand in the game. You can also stay updated by checking XDefiant’s current server status and checking out the one-year roadmap Ubisoft has planned for the game.