Disney Dreamlight Valley dev promises major bug fixes in next update

Noelle Corbett

Gameloft has announced major bug fixes are coming in the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update after weeks of player complaints.

Following the end of the A Day at Disney Star Path on June 11, 2024, Disney Dreamlight Valley is gearing up for its next update.

But while players may be excited for a new free content update, the game has been notoriously buggy for weeks now, with plenty of issues cropping up or worsening after the Dreamlight Parks Fest update on May 15.

Ahead of a full announcement next week, developer Gameloft has shared a list of bug fixes and improvements it is prioritizing in light of player feedback.

In a post shared on several official Dreamlight Valley social media accounts, the devs listed the following changes, which will be implemented soon:

  • Optimizations to improve crash rates on all platforms
  • Objects will no longer appear as invisible
  • Daisy will share the time when you can start your next Boutique Challenge
  • Players will be able to cook all recipes outdoors without risking a related freeze
  • Resolutions for various dresses with clipping issues
  • Various quest progression blocker resolution
  • Numerous other bug fixes & improvement

The developers also thanked players for their feedback, saying, “it is our priority to resolve disruptions to your gameplay experience in the Valley.”

This announcement comes weeks after the developers compensated players with event materials and Moonstones because of bugs.

Since the mid-May update, players have been reporting frequent crashes and other issues, including disappearing items and the inability to accept quests.

As for what the rest of the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update will entail, the roadmap announced last year indicates it will add a new Mulan-based Realm. Gameloft has said it will announce details and a release date next week, so we’re sure to learn more about new characters and features at that time.