Redfall: All playable characters and their special abilities explained

Redfall charactersBethesda / Arkane Austin

Redfall is all about its characters, from hilarious YouTubers to silent but deadly snipers. So, here are all the playable characters in Redfall and what their special abilities are.

A great co-op game is nothing without its characters, especially in a narrative action game like Redfall. Luckily, the title has a variety of fantastic personalities you can play as, making each playthrough unique and enjoyable.

However, while they may be unique, it does mean that choosing which character you want to play becomes all the more difficult. So, to help with that, here are all the playable characters in Redfall as well as their special abilities.

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All playable characters in Redfall

There are four playable characters in Redfall, with each bringing their own story and skills.

  • Devinder
  • Jacob
  • Layla
  • Remi

All characters’ abilities in Redfall

Redfall PC SpecsBethesda / Arkane Austin
Each character has their own awesome abilities to try out.

Each character comes with their own specialization, which in turn, comes with certain special abilities to help you get around and take down those vampires. Here’s every playable character’s special abilities as well as a bit about what they do.


Sure, Devinder may not have any vampire-like abilities like Jacob or Layla, or warfare training like Remi, but he’s got the tech and the knowledge to fight these undead creatures. His abilities include inventions to help take down vamps, capitalizing on the elemental damage you can inflict and a handy teleportation device.

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Special AbilityDescription
Arc JavelinThrows a javelin, attaching to surfaces and dealing chain lightning damage to multiple enemies within its range
TranslocateThrows a device that teleports the player to its location
BlacklightPlaces a UV emitter, stunning enemies within its path


At his core, Jacob is a scout who focuses on snipers and dealing damage without being in the line of fire, or sight for that matter. He’s got some fantastic vampiric powers including his spectral raven and, with just one look at his abilities, it’s clear Jacob means business.

Special AbilityDescription
CloakSummons a spectral raven, which can be used as a scout to seek out and mark nearby threats
RavenSummons a cloaking device that allows you to move unseen
HearstopperSummon a ghostly sniper rifle that locks onto enemies one after the other, so you can deal a lethal series of headshots


Layla RedfallBethesda / Arkane Austin
Layla has some fantastic powers thanks to a botched experiment.

Gaining most of her powers from a medical study that went wrong, Layla is the lighthearted character who uses her powers to conjure elevators, block damage, and summon her hilarious vampire ex-boyfriend, granting you an extra ally for a while.

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Special AbilityDescription
LiftConjures a spring elevator that allows you or a teammate to bounce into the air
UmbrellaConjures a purple shield that wards off frontal assaults
Vampire Ex-BoyfriendSummon a companion to assist in combat


Along with her robotic companion, Remi is trained for the frontlines, and her abilities ultimately reflect that. However, she’s also a talented engineer, meaning you can expect a combination of stealth, robotics, and classic C4 to help you in a battle.

Special AbilityDescription
C4 ChargeThrow a C4 Charge that sticks to surfaces and creates a big explosion
SirenInstruct Bribón to distract enemies by creating loud noises to draw their attention
MobilizeEstablish a control point that heals or revives everyone in its range

Those are all the playable characters in Redfall and their special abilities. While waiting for the game to release, take a look at some of our other handy Redfall guides and content:

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