Redfall player receives customer service reply copy-pasted from Fallout 76

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Redfall mistaken for Fallout 76

Redfall’s release has been controversial to say the least, and a player that complained about the game crashing on their PC was flabbergasted by being directed to try and solve the problems they’re having with Fallout 76.

It’s been a rough launch week for Redfall. While there are some positive reviews out there, the vast majority of feedback about the title has been negative. Dexerto’s review wasn’t very kind to it, either, calling it “undercooked and uninspired” when it even works at all.

Despite this, however, people at Bethesda have been putting some effort into trying to help people’s PCs run the game better. Normally, it’d be worth at least some form of commendation for a group of devs to work in the face of overwhelming tech issues at launch.

However, one Bethesda employee forgot to remove Fallout 76 from their customer service reply. This has incurred the wrath of players who remember the most recent Fallout game’s rocky launch.

Redfall dev gives a “very human” response to player

Fallout 76 was Bethesda’s last attempt to capture the live service magic and create a game with longevity beyond its single-player offering. Reviews for that game during its launch window almost 5 years ago panned it for its “broken” state at launch, something not so dissimilar from Redfall.

And, in all fairness to Fallout 76, that sentiment has vastly diminished since the initial review cycle. Fallout 76 is still getting updates to this day with a concurrent player count that is, at the time of writing, over 6 times as large as the recently released Redfall. This, among other things, has led gamers to believe that Arkane’s latest title is dead on arrival.

Player counts recorded on May 6, 2023

With Bethesda’s customer service reps trying to help players from both games, there was an unfortunate slip-up where gamers believe this rep forgot to remove Fallout 76 from their reply helping a player whose computer wasn’t able to get Redfall working.

Though the message starts and ends with Redfall being mentioned, there’s one sentence in particular that caught players’ attention.

“If this does not resolve your issues with Fallout 76, please submit a support ticket at [link to support page] and an Agent will be happy to help.” Players had a quick double-take before they released this rep was talking about the wrong game.

“The apology was very human”, remarked one Twitter user in a sarcastic reply.

Meanwhile, one user called for empathy, saying, “Go easy, that dev is probably on hour 82 of their shift.”

It’s hard to blame them for the mix-up considering how much more active Fallout 76 is on Steam than Redfall, but it’s also hard not to take that as a foreboding sign for the future of the title.

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