Best The Finals Medium build: Weapons, gadgets & specializations

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an image of a Medium build in The Finals

If you’re looking for the best Medium build in The Finals, our guide has the best weapons, gadgets, and specialization for you to use in your Medium build to strike a balance in Season 2.

Embark Studios’ The Finals had a surprise launch at The Game Awards 2023 and the player count has been rising steadily since then. In this free-to-play fast-paced FPS, surviving plays an important role, especially during Cashouts, or during Tournaments where your team has limited respawns.

This is where the Medium build fits perfectly in the game. Out of the three build types, the Medium build gives you the freedom to choose different playstyles.

So, if you prefer being an allrounder in The Finals, then our best Medium build has everything you need including the right weapons, gadgets, and specializations.


an image of the best medium build in The Finals

The Finals: Best Medium build loadout

  • Weapon: FCAR or CL-40
  • Gadgets: Goo Grenade, Data Reshaper, Defibrillator
  • Specialization: Guardian Turret or Healing Beam
  • Reserve loadout: Model 1887, Pyro Grenade, Gas Mine, APS Turret.

Best Medium build weapon in The Finals

an image of the FCAR in The Finals

In Season 2, the best weapon for a Medium build in The Finals would still be the FCAR assault rifle. FCAR shares similar damage with the Famas, it defeats the new AR as it’s full auto while Famas is burst-fire only. Bear in mind that the magazine size is smaller, so you’ve to be very accurate with your shots.

However, if you fancy chaos and destruction, then the CL-40 won’t go wrong. It’s a pump-action grenade launcher that can obliterate enemies at close range.

Best Medium build gadgets in The Finals

The best Medium build gadgets in The Finals are Goo Grenade, Data Reshaper, and Defibrillator. Goo Grenade releases solidified blobs of goo that act as hardcover and block both enemies’ line of sight and their attacks.

The Data Reshaper changes the appearance of objects into something else. Carry the Defibrillator to instantly revive a teammate. This is exceptionally useful when you need backup at the earliest.

Best Medium build specialization in The Finals

The Guardian Turret in The Finals
The Guardian Turret is best for defending areas or distracting enemies.

Choosing the best specialization for a Medium build becomes a personal preference. If you are like me who likes to go all out and wipe out squads back to back, then go for the Guardian Turret. It’s a deployable AI-controlled assault rifle.

However, if you’re a Mercy main in Overwatch 2 who likes to prioritize healing teammates, then the Healing Beam should be your specialization in The Finals.

Best Medium build Reserve loadout in The Finals

For your Medium build’s Reserve loadout in The Finals, use the combination of Model 1887, Pyro Grenade, Gas Mine, and APS Turret.

Model 1887 is a lever-action shotgun that you can use to give your opponents a hard time surviving. Use the Gas Mine to emit toxic gas once triggered, thereby lowering opponents’ HP and making it easier for you to take them down. Use Pyro Grenade as the final nail in the coffin to inflict fire damage.

You can deploy the APS Turret to shoot down and destroy enemy projectiles. Keeping this gadget in your Reserve loadout makes sense as it passively looks after your team’s back.

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