Sifu Kuroki boss guide: How to defeat ‘The Artist’

sifu kurokiSloclap

Sifu’s boss fights are extremely formidable and can really take years of the player’s life. Here’s how to beat Sifu’s third boss ‘The Artist’ known as Kuroki. 

To do well in Sifu you’ll need to get your head around the basics of the game’s combat system. This is the best way to overcome the game’s biggest challenges – its tough boss fights. Kuroki or ‘The Artist’ is the third boss in the game and is a pretty tough customer. She’s arguably harder than the previous two bosses and will give hasty players a real hard time.

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Luckily, the trick to beating any Sifu boss often comes down to knowing when to dodge, parry, and counterattack. It also helps to know when each boss is vulnerable to attack, examining their moveset for openings during the flow of battle.


sifu kurokiSloclap
Kuroki furiously attacks the player.

The Museum: Kuroki – The Artist

Kuroki is Sifu’s third boss, appearing after Sean. What makes this one difficult is there are fewer places to hide. The reach of Kuroki’s bladed chain staff also goes far, making things even tougher. She can swing that thing for days and can kill players before they can get near here.

However, there are ways to get close to her and bring this Sifu boss down.

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Kuroki round 1

Players who rush straight at Kuroki are likely to be punished before they can get anywhere near her. Although it’s not impossible. To get close to her, try to dodge or parry her attacks, this will help you close the gap without being caught in her traps.

You’ll have a window of mere seconds to get in some hits in if you successfully block/parry her. So make these seconds count. Once you learn her attacks and can competently dodge them, you’ll find getting close to her much easier.

Kuroki will repeat and mix the same 4 slash attacks with her chain blade, so it doesn’t take long to figure out her patterns. Avoid being caught in her combos at all costs. A slash here and there won’t matter but being continuously hit by her flurries will result in death.

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Kuroki is a complex character, but she's on Sifu's hit list.

Kuroki round 2

Kuroki’s second phase is different from the first as she now has three main attacks, the first being a flurry of devastating chain combos. Dodging is advised here. The good news is you can escape, even if she hits you with one attack. You can also block and parry, but this is risky.

Her new dash attack must be avoided or parried because it can one-shot you if not. Don’t simply move out the way, actively try to duck or parry to be safe. Look out for the flash on her face before this attack, practice makes perfect.

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Her third attack is less deadly but should still be avoided. It involves her throwing knives in volleys. She telegraphs it by jumping backward, so when this happens, get ready to dodge and go in for the kill when you can. Each time she performs this move grants you an opportunity to do her damage back.

She telegraphs her moves more in phase two, but phase 2 is the sweet spot getting those hard hits in.

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