Sifu Sean boss guide: How to defeat ‘The Fighter’

Sean Sifu bossSloclap

Sifu’s boss fights are tough and a real showcase of the game’s difficulty. Here’s how to beat the second boss ‘The Fighter’ Sean. 

Once you’ve nailed the basics of Sifu, the game then tests you further by sending putting you face to face some brutal bosses. Sean or ‘The Fighter’ is the second boss in the game and hangs out in The Club level. However, like all of Sifu’s boss encounters, Sean can be overcome by learning his attack patterns and mastering the game’s combat systems.

The trick to beating any Sifu boss often comes down to knowing when to dodge, parry, and counterattack. It also helps to know when each boss is vulnerable to attack, as that split second can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Here’s how to beat Sifu’s second boss, the powerful Sean.

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Sifu sean bossSloclap
Sifu confronts Sean.

The Club: Sean

The boss battle against Sean isn’t as frantic as the first boss fight against Fajar. However don’t underestimate Sean, as this Sifu boss knows how to bring the fire – and believe us, he will.

Here’s how to beat Sifu’s second boss, the powerful Sean.

Sean round 1

Sean will confront players at the end of The Club level wielding a flaming staff. While this fight is more focused and calm than the brutality of the first boss, Sean still knows plenty of ways to punish hasty players.

The first round is straightforward to those who’ve become familiar with Sifu’s combat mechanics. Sean will swing his staff around, so a pattern of dodge, parry, and counterattack will work well here.

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Sean’s will swing his staff horizontally, spin it around, and finish with a heavy uppercut. To make things more complicated, he’ll mix and match these attacks into fluid combos, the order of which can be unpredictable.

We’d also advise you not to get caught by a combo, as being caught twice will likely lead to death. Maintain a calm state and practice avoiding each of his attacks. If possible, parry and counter them. However, avoiding them should be enough to buy you a brief window of time to punish him back.

sifu seanSloclap
Sean is the second boss in Sifu.

Sean round 2

However, in round 2, things really begin to heat up – literally. Sean’s staff will now be on fire meaning it does extra damage to those unfortunate enough to get caught by his strikes. He also gets slightly faster but the general flow of his boss fight remains the same.

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It’s worth pointing out that Sean’s wind-up animation leaves him open to attack, but he can quickly recover and turn the tables. Therefore, we’d suggest getting in, hitting hard, then retreating. Rinse and repeat for success.

Blocking and parrying are still effective, but they won’t win the day on their own. Repeating the strategy from above is wise, but be aware you’ll need to chip away at his Structure to create those precious openings.

Otherwise, you’ll be reliant on simply taking potshots at him which he can counter by canceling his own attack animations with different attacks. This makes finding an opening to hit him harder.

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Now that you’re able to take down Sean, Sifu is still tough. Make the game easier by following our guides:

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