How to unlock Sifu’s Private Room Door

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An image of the private room in Sifu's level the squats.

The opening level of Sifu titled ‘The Squats’ has a mysterious Private Room Door. However, you can’t access it easily, so here’s how you’re able to get in there.

Sifu’s road to revenge has so many mysteries awaiting you, some of them quietly tucked away within each level. The opening stage ‘The Squats’ has some clues to discover for the overall narrative, with a locked-off room that is sure to pique your interest.

If you’re eager to see what awaits behind the Private Room Door, we’ve got you covered as you seek to unlock it.

An image of Sifu's The Club level
Sifu can be extremely difficult to master.


Where is the Private Room Door in Sifu?

Sifu first throws players into the fight with opening level ‘The Squats’. You’ll be fighting heaps of thugs to face The Botanist, but before your reach him, you’ll come across the Private Room Door.

You’ll find the Private Room Door literally just before you enter The Botanist boss fight room. As the Private Room Door is at the end of ‘The Squats’, you’ll only get one chance to enter it, unless you restart the level. However, you won’t be able to find the key to unlock it within the opening level.

An image of the private room door in Sifu.
You’ll need to be patient before you unlock the Private Room Door.

How to unlock the Private Room Door in Sifu

Sloclap didn’t make it an easy job to unlock the Private Room Door. You won’t be able to find the clue within ‘The Squats’, no, you’ll have to fight your way to Sifu’s final level ‘The Sanctuary’. Once you’ve managed to get to the final level, you’ll need the keycard for room 206.

The keycard can be retrieved just before the level’s final boss, next to some bags on the floor.  Room 206 is located upstairs in the living quarters after you’ve fought two strong enemies. Unlock room 206 and you’ll find the Flower’s Key. Return to ‘The Squats’ and you’ll now be able to unlock the Private Room Door. Once unlocked, you’ll find the final clue for ‘The Squats’, which will be added to your Detective Board.

An image of the flower's key in sifu

It may be tough to reach ‘The Sanctuary’ but Sifu doesn’t make anything easy. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with guides for your Kung-Fu journey:

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