Sifu Fajar boss guide: How to defeat ‘The Botanist’

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Sifu Fajar boss

Sifu’s boss fights are a thrilling endeavor and showcase the full extent of the game’s difficulty. Here’s how to beat ‘The Botanist’ Fajar, Sifu’s first major boss. 

Once you’ve nailed down the basics of Sifu, the game throws you a curveball by putting you up against some brutal bosses. Fajar is the first of these. However, like every Sifu boss encounter, Fajar can be overcome by learning his attack patterns and perfecting the game’s combat systems.

The trick to beating each Sifu boss often comes down to knowing when to dodge, parry, and counterattack. It also pays to know when each boss is vulnerable to attack, as that split second can make all the difference. Here’s how to beat Sifu’s first boss, the mighty Fajar.


fajar boss fight
Fajar is busy in his greenhouse when the boss fight begins.

The Squats: Fajar – The Botanist

Fajar is the first boss in Sifu so he’s also the first true test of your skills. This silent drug lord is a savage fighter, but he can be overcome with patience and practice. He also sets the tone for all future boss encounters in Sifu.

Fajar round 1

The first thing to note is that Fajar can cover a lot of ground quickly with his jumps and devastating kicks, so stay mobile and learn how to avoid these. Remember though, Fajar has two different variants of this kick, so try to spot which version he’s gearing up for.

Mercifully, his quickest kick isn’t as strong as the other, despite being harder to dodge. The other one can be ducked with ease but hits hard if it connects. The game will telegraph both kicks though with the orange glow that appears in combat.

fajar boss sifu
Fajar may be the first boss, but he’s still deadly.

Fajar round 2

In round 2 of the battle against Fajar, the first Sifu boss gets serious and pulls out a machete. Fajar will now trade his ax kicks for swinging machete attacks. If you notice his blade shine in the light, then get ready to dodge.

His slashes can be avoided once his patterns are learned, but things can go south very quickly if he connects. The true danger is being caught in is flurry attack, something that can either kill you outright or leave you vulnerable to his next attack.

Remember, you can’t block his machete attacks, so learn how to dodge.

Now that you’re able to take down Fajar, Sifu won’t pull its punches. Make the game easier by following our guides:

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