How to complete The Clean And Snatch in Dead Island 2

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Are you looking to complete The Clean And Snatch in Dead Island 2 and find yourself a little confused about the clues? Here’s how to complete the quest so you can get straight to that reward.

Dead Island 2 has some tricky quests that often involved a mixture of solving clues, hunting zombies, and exploring some extremely large homes. The Clean And Snatch quest is no different, but figuring out those clues and getting that reward can be a little tough.

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So, with that in mind, here’s how to start and complete The Clean And Snatch in Dead Island 2 as well as what the interesting reward is at the end.

How to start The Clean And Snatch in Dead Island 2

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This quest can be tricky but stick by the pools and you’ll be fine.

Starting The Clean And Snatch in Dead Island 2 is relatively easy and can be unlocked when you get to Beverly Hills.

Travel to the backyard of Roxanne’s home and look around for the pool. In the middle of the water is a crate; upon heading over to it, you should spot a note on top. Reading the note will begin The Clean And Snatch mission in Dead Island 2.

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How to complete The Clean And Snatch

Once you’ve got to Roxanne’s house and begun the quest, you should be seeing a clue, hinting to the location of the key needed to unlock the crate. Such clues can be a little tricky so here’s the location of each clue and the eventual key.

Head to the house in between Michael and Roxanne

The first clue will direct you to a Beverly Hills pool which can be located in the house between Michael and Roxanne’s.

Head through to the backyard of the home, looting as you go and you should find a chair with a phone on it. Interact with Dave’s Phone and it’ll reveal the next clue.

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Go to Michael’s house

The second clue can be found at Michael’s home, just by his pool. Head through his home, which you should have already explored after originally hunting for Michael, although there will still be zombies so tread carefully.

Once in the backyard, keep an eye out for a toolbox. On top of this, you’ll see an item called ‘Note For Michael’, open that up and the third and final clue will be revealed.

The clue lies in Bel-Air’s Goat Pen mansion

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Defeat Obi The Pool Guy to get the key you’ve been looking for.

Interestingly enough, despite the original clue stating the location as Beverly Hills, the last clue actually lies in Bel-Air, more specifically at the pool in the Goat Pen mansion, which has a mysterious hidden key of its own.

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Travel to the Goat Pen mansion and carefully head to the pool, rather than a clue, you should find a zombie there called Obi The Pool Guy. Defeat him, along with all the other zombies, and collect the key he drops.

Collect Obi’s Key and unlock the crate

With the key in hand, all you need to do is go back to Roxanne’s home and unlock the crate to claim your reward.

The reward will be the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword which isn’t the most powerful weapon in the game but will still hold its own against early-game creatures.

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So with that, you’ve completed The Clean And Snatch quest in Dead Island 2. While hunting for zombies, take a look at some of our other handy Dead Island 2 guides:

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