Dead Island 2 voice cast – All characters and voice actors

Andrew Highton
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Dead Island 2 elevates its narrative with a cast that infuses every hero and zombie with unique voices, adding depth to the apocalypse. This guide introduces the voices behind the game, highlighting the range and charm they bring to their roles.

Whether it’s a dramatic monologue from a key character or terrifying groans from the impending undead, every word and sound in Dead Island 2 comes from an actor or actress. Some of these real-life voices are stars across all forms of media including TV, film, and plenty of other games.

With a branching narrative that includes all manner of personalities, crazy NPCs, and more, Dead Island 2 relies heavily on its leading line-up to propel the story forward.

Plenty of gamers are eager to put names to faces, so we’ve just done that. Here are all the main voice actors that feature in Dambuster Studios’ first-person shooter we know of so far.

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Dead Island 2 characters


  • Amy: Skye Bennett
  • Bruno: Jay Rincon
  • Carla: Carolina Ravassa
  • Dani: Michelle Fox
  • Jacob: Okezie Morro
  • Ryan: Ronan Summers

NPC: Motion Capture & Voice

  • Emma Jaunt – Hannah Steele
  • Sam B – Cavin Cornwall
  • Patton – Mel Raido
  • Michael Anders/Sean – Joseph May
  • Andrea – Mia Soteriou
  • Dr. Reuben Reed – Colin McFarlane
  • Tisha Reed – Jessica Hayles
  • Denise – Rebecca Crossdale
  • Lola Konradt – Pippa Winslow
  • Jimmy Montana / Joshua – Eric Loren
  • Rikky Rex / Noah – Glenn Wrage
  • Roxanne – Jo McCallin
  • Jessie – Thaddea Graham
  • Trent / Luther / Zephron – John Schwab
  • Kai – Kevin Shen
  • Alex – Derek Shen
  • Cadenza / sKOpe Voice / P.A. Norma Butikofer
  • Thurston – Ako Mitchell

NPC: Voice Only

  • Amanda Styles – Becca Stewart
  • Curtis Sinclair – Paul Kelleher
  • Esta Navarro – Michelle Assante
  • Ronnie – Henry Garrett
  • Sarah Sheppard – Cissy Jones
  • Sebastian – Hyoie O’Grady
  • Ava – Clara Emmanuel
  • Bud / Bundy – Sean Power
  • Burt – Kyle Soller
  • Carlos – Andrew
  • Carmen – Oliva Carruthers
  • Danny – Josh Cowdery
  • Denise / Angelina Kristen Alminta
  • Elizabeth – Karina Fernandez
  • Evie / Janet – Jennifer Armour
  • Ezekial – Mark Ebulue
  • Francesca / Major Booker – Christie Meyers
  • John / Roger – Chris Ragland
  • Ken / Steve – Nicholas Bailey
  • Luciana – Elena Sanz
  • Rosa / Nora – Megan Maczo
  • Sid / Dogie / sKOpe – Joe Corrigall
  • Tan – Chris Lew Kum Hoi
  • Todd – Arthur Lee
  • Valentia – Angelique Fernandez
  • W.O. Melissa Rodrigues / Rita – Gloria Santillana Garcia
  • Delgado – Joshua Collins
  • Greg / P.A. – Mitchell Mullen
  • Rainier – Niko Kaim
  • Spanish P.A. – Carolina Ravassa

The Bobcats

  • Hana – Arina III
  • Rav – Priyank Morjaria
  • Boz – Joshua Collins
  • Dez – Nneko Okoye

Dead Island 2 characters & voice cast (Slayers)

With six brave heroes to choose from in Dead Island 2, the majority of the dialogue will be from them. From mindlessly chattering to context-heavy thoughts, they will serve as the backbone of your experience. Players have come to love Amy’s voice and Jacob’s wonderings, and they all add to the identity of the game.

Here are the main Dead Island 2 voice roles.

Amy: Skye Bennett

An athletic individual in Dead Island 2, Amy is voiced by Skye Bennett who’s supplied voices for both TV and games. Her most notable roles in the industry before Dead Island 2 included voices in Horizon Forbidden West, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Bruno: Jay Rincon

An LA-dwelling badass with a unique look, Bruno’s voice can be attributed to Jay Rincon. The actor has earned accreditation as Atomic Heart’s P3, as well as another Zombie game in Dying Light 2, and another voice actor that featured in Horizon Forbidden West.

Carla: Carolina Ravassa

Carla is a big brute in Dead Island 2. In real-life, Carolina Ravassa is a star in the video game zone and players will recognize her from a backlog of nearly 100 credited roles. Overwatch 2’s Sombra, GTA 5’s Taliana Martinez, and roles in Far Cry 6 and Cyberpunk 2077 just scratch the surface.

Dani: Michelle Fox

Michelle Fox takes the part of Dani and the foul-mouthed Irish rocker, turned Zombie eradicator, is brought to life by a newcomer to the gaming scene. Dani is Fox’s first video game role and has had multi-episodic roles in Casualty and Overshadowed.

Jacob: Okezie Morro

Stunts are his game and Jacob is his name. Dead Island 2’s stuntman is voiced by Okezie Morro and the actor is another who’s more known for TV than games. However, it hasn’t stopped Morro from landing roles in Joel Carter in Fora Horizon 4 and Charlie in Serious Sam 4.

Ryan: Ronan Summers

Quite possibly the most video game-savvy performer of the lot could be Ronan Summers – the name and face behind Dead Island 2’s tanky beefcake, Ryan. Summers has a huge portfolio of acting credits including Battlefield 2042, Forza Horizon 5, Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Hitman 2, and many more.

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