Dead Island 2: Is there fast travel?

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Dead Island 2 has a multi-layered Hell-A map consisting of multiple individual locations. But do you have the freedom to fast travel between each and every location on a whim?

If you’ve ever made use of fast travel in a game, you’ll know it makes the title more accessible and saves time on unwanted and unnecessary traveling. Dead Island 2 is an example of the size of modern-day games as it’s fairly sizable with a handful of giant areas to explore.

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As a Slayer, it’s your job to traverse all manner of terror that Hell-A throws up for you. On this arduous path, there will be a litany of main missions, side quests, and various other activities for you to complete. This means that you’ll need to keep backtracking, but do Dambuster Studios give players the option to fast travel in Dead Island 2?

Can you fast travel in Dead Island 2?

You can 100% fast travel in Dead Island 2 and make the transition between areas much easier using a fast travel map. Due to the semi-open-world nature of the game, each inter-connected area requires a loading screen first.

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This means discovering connecting points and paths that will enable traversal to your designated location. They will only be set routes, though, whereas fast travel maps grant travel to a place of your choosing.

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How do you unlock fast travel in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2’s fast travel function will only be unlocked much later on in the game at the start of ‘The Giant Slayer’ main mission.

Throughout your time in Los Angeles, you’ll notice that there are physical maps in the game’s safe areas. At first, you won’t be able to interact with them, however, once you unlock the ability to travel, these maps will become interactable.

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How do you use fast travel in Dead Island 2?

To fast travel in Dead Island 2, simply approach one of the fast travels maps, press the action to interact with it, and choose the location you want to zip off to. The whole act just should take a few seconds and save you a bucketload of time.

That wraps up everything you need to know about fast travel in Dambuster Studios’ Dead Island 2. For more information and guides on the game, check out some other content below:

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