Dead Island 2: Goat Pen Master Keys location

Dead Island 2 Goat Pen Master Keys locationDambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 has plenty of outlandish locations for you to visit in your time in Hell-A. That includes the mock-influencer house, the Goat Pen. So, here’s how to find the Goat Pen Master Keys to grab all that valuable loot.

There’s plenty to do in Dead Island 2 from the missions to gaining perks, skills, or just as much money as possible. Another great element in the game is the secrets, mostly hidden behind locked doors. The Goat Pen influencer house is no different.

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The Dead Island 2 Goat Pen is a fantastic multi-level home filled with energy drinks, tons of loot, great weapons, and, of course, zombies. However, to fully explore the Goat Pen, you’ll need to get the Goat Pen Key Card or the Goat Pen Master Key. So, here’s how to find the Goat Pen Master Key to access all that loot.

Where to find the Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2

Goat Pen Jamie Dead Island 2Dambuster Studios
You’ll need to defeat Goat Pen Jamie to get the keys.

The Goat Pen is a location you’ll come across relatively early in the campaign.You’ll need to unlock fast travel before gaining access to the Master Key, making it a mid-game unlock. To get the Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2, follow these steps:

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  1. When you find Curtis, rescue him and make sure he decides to shelter at Emma Jaunt’s estate.
  2. Then, play until you reach Venice Beach and unlock Fast Travel.
  3. Fast Travel to Emma’s mansion and speak to Curtis to unlock the “Creature Comforts” quest.
  4. Head to the Goat Pen and travel to the bottom floor.
  5. Defeat the zombie named Goat Pen Jamie.
  6. Upon defeating them they’ll drop the Goat Pen Master Keys.

With that, the Goat Pen Master Key is yours, meaning you can explore the entirety of the Goat Pen mansion. Just watch out for any tricky zombies on your way through.

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