Does Dead Island 2 have a character creator?

dead island 2 character on counterDambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 sees the return of intense, chaotic zombie-battling insanity, but do you have to choose from default presets, or does the title have a character creator?

In Dead Island 2, surprise surprise, you’re going to encounter a lot of the undead. To take them out, you’re going to have to get mega creative with your offense, but can you get creative with your character?

A detail that delights many lovers of open-world games is the ability to personalize and pretty up their main character. From hand-picked armor to precise facial features that make your hero shine, a character creation tool is prevalent in many RPG games.

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Dead Island 2 gives players a lot of freedom in how they want to play and take on one undead foe after another, so let’s look to find out if it has a character creation feature.

dead island 2 character being attacked by zombiesDambuster Studios

Can you create your own character in Dead Island 2?

We’re sorry to report that you will not be able to mold your own Slayer as Dead Island 2 forgoes a character creator and instead opts for six pre-made protagonists.

Creative control is taken out of your hands in this respect and you will be forced to choose from a handful of characters: Amy, Bruno, Carla, Dani, Jacob, or Ryan.

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Once you’ve made your decision, Dambuster Studios will then allow you to tailor your gameplay experience more to suit your needs. But yes, you won’t be able to customize your character in the same way that some other games allow.

Games are notorious for adding big features after launch, such as Photo Mode or even Online Modes, so don’t rule out the possibility of a character creation setup making its way to the game at some point.

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