Where to find fuses in Dead Island 2

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Fuses are essential to your survival in Dead Island 2 due to the glorious rewards they can lead to. If you’re wondering how to actually get a hold of fuses, the good news is that we know, and we can also tell you what they do and how to use them.

There are so many facets to Dead Island 2’s gameplay and longevity that it makes you want to keep playing the game. Whether it’s one more mission or one more side quest, there’s plenty of content to find tucked away in the streets of Hell-A.

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When you’re not sidestepping the brutal force of yet another Crusher, you might come across locked areas. Usually, these locations will have an open electric circuit nearby asking you to place a fuse.

If you’ve yet to come across a fuse or don’t know where to use them, then our quick and easy Dead Island 2 guide should solve all your problems.

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How do you get fuses in Dead Island 2?

The only way you can get fuses in Dead Island 2 is by purchasing them from a Trader for $1,500 each.

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You can find these merchants scattered across various areas of the game. The first one you should bump into is Carlos in Emma Jaunt’s house near the beginning of the game.

You can only carry up to three fuses at any given time, so make sure that you use them once you’ve gotten your hands on them so that you can stock up on more.

What do fuses do in Dead Island 2?

Fuses open up locked doors and paths in Dead Island 2 and usually lead you to a mini treasure trove of rewards, cash, and powerful weapons.

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Once you get near one of these locked areas, that spot should now be permanently marked on your map in case you need to come back later with a fuse.

To use one, simply approach the fuse box and press the action button when prompted. It will automatically be taken out of your inventory and inserted into the box. Doing this will open the door or gate or whatever the obstacle may be.

That’s everything you need to know about fuses in Dead Island 2! For even more useful tidbits, check out our other guides on the game down below:

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