Fastest ways to earn money in Dead Island 2

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In Dead Island 2, money is extremely important and is generally a solid gateway to better weapons and more powerful gear. If you find yourself running out quite regularly, then here are the fastest ways to earn more money in the game.

As with most games that incorporate a currency system, some of Dead Island 2’s finer delights require cash. From twisted new weapons to bolster your inventory to new Blueprints, there’s plenty to spend money on. With plenty of Traders around Hell-A, there’s plenty of incentive for players to find lots of money.

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After all, you can use it to buy new mods, procure materials for crafting, purchase new weapons, and even secure life-saving Med Kits. There are many components to Dead Island 2’s gameplay, and earning money is paramount to your survival chances.

Without further ado, here are the absolute quickest methods to obtain cash in Dead Island 2.


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How to make money fast in Dead Island 2

None of these methods are strenuous and will largely involve you naturally playing Dead Island 2 anyway. From slaying Zombies to completing quests, all of the top tips will make your in-game bank account look much more appealing.

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Complete side quests

Completing Dead Island 2’s main story missions will be instrumental in advancing your character progress and leveling you up much quicker. However, if you want cash and fast, focusing on side missions will net you some serious dollars.

You will be able to find these missions as they are defined by their blue and red quest markers on your map. Start them and then follow the quest instructions to eventually take you to the finish line. Once you complete the optional quest, you should be rewarded with a lot of money.

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Explore and kill Zombies

If you’re someone who likes bolting through a game concentrating on the main story, then you’ll be selling yourself short in Dead Island 2. A simple, fast, and effective of quickly getting cash is wandering around the streets to explore. Not only that, but Hell-A is full of Zombies, and you should take them out.

There are lots of cool Easter Eggs to discover in Los Angeles and you’ll earn more XP for killing Zombies. Obviously, they can drop goodies such as money, and looting will also net you additional cash too.

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Fuse areas

Following on from our previous tip, if you explore all that Hell-A has to offer, you’ll likely come across Dead Island 2’s Fuse areas. These are locations that will have an open Fuse box asking you to give up one Fuse to get the system working again.

If you do so, then the locked areas will suddenly open. While there might be a lurking Zombie or two, there should also be a rich amount of loot for you to take – including money. So we’d recommend that you’re constantly stocked up on the maximum amount of three Fuses so that you’re always prepared for a new area to open up.

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Sell stuff to Traders

Looting and scavenging are all well and good, but they will quickly bloat your inventory leaving you over-encumbered. If you want your Dead Island 2 experience to feel smoother, then make sure you’re regularly selling some goods to traders.

Not only will it allow you to keep taking on new stock, but you’ll also be able to spend freely. When you have favorite weapons that need leveling-matching, you’re going to need cash and fast.

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There you have it, all the best ways for you to earn cash quickly in Dead Island 2. We have plenty of other guides for you to check out too:

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