How to craft weapons in Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2 has an engrossing and intricate crafting system allowing players to whip up devilishly powerful weapons. Our quick explainer guide will walk you through the game’s crafting system and how it works.

The majority of your time in Dead Island 2 is going to be spent whaling on Zombies to quickly acquire cash and other goodies. Dambusters Studios has ensured that the world of Hell-A is populated by a ton of vicious and varied enemies and bosses, meaning you’ll need a strong arsenal to contend with them.

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To help you cope with the ongoing threat that follows you around the game, the ability to craft weapons will make your life a lot easier. If you want to know when you’ll be able to do this or how exactly the crafting system works in the game, then read on.


Where do you Craft weapons in Dead Island 2?

The only place in Dead Island 2 to craft weapons is at Workbenches. These are distinct areas that all share an identical appearance of a small workbench covered in tools.

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You can find them scattered around the various areas in Hell-A and they will also be identifiable by a small icon on your map – so that you know how to spot them.

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How to craft weapons in Dead Island 2?

To actually craft weapons in Dead Island 2, you’ll need to find a Workbench, select the weapon you want to modify, and press the button to Upgrade it. From here, depending on the rarity of the weapon, you’ll now be able to fill each of the weapon’s slots with mods.

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You can find and buys Mods throughout Dead Island 2 by exploring and purchasing them from Traders. As long as the weapon is not White in terms of rarity, then you’ll be able to add an Elemental effect to your weapon.

Along with this, you will also be able to apply special effects to your weapon of choice such as increased damage or extra durability.

Where to get crafting materials in Dead Island 2

If you want to craft, then you’re going to need crafting materials in the first place. Each time you tinker with your toy and change an aspect of the weapon it’s going to cost you resources to do so in Dead Island 2.

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It will depend on several key factors including the nature of the weapon and the rarity of the mod. To avoid this issue, simply explore and loot as much as you can, kill Zombies so that they drop items, buy resources from Traders, and scrap weapons from time to time.

That’s everything you need to know about crafting in Dead Island 2! For more guides on the game, check out some of our other content below:

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