Best weapons to use in Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2’s best weapons pack an almighty wallop and can decimate Zombies in Hell-A. To narrow down your selections and make the choices easier, we’ve put together this handy guide showing you the best weapons in the game.

One of the most fun aspects of Dead Island 2 is manipulating basic weapons and turning them into elemental monsters. You can take a basic baseball bat and turn it into a fire-toting, bludgeoning beast with great swing speed!

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Given the game’s litany of enemy types and variations, it’s vital you cater to all situations you come across. This is why we decided to put together this list of the best weapons in Dead Island 2.

From face-pounding Shotguns to the best Curveballs, here are Dead Island 2’s best weapons you should add to your inventory.


player facing zombie with sledgehammer in dead island 2Dambuster Studios

Best melee weapons to use in Dead Island 2


Kickstarting our Dead Island 2 best weapons list is the Sledgehammer. Now, even though it’s not the most mobile of melee weapons, it hits harder than a mule. A charged weapon attack is more than likely to de-limb almost any Zombie and its mobility can be improved upon anyway with mods.

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Metal Bat

A more agile and versatile offering than the Sledgehammer, we find Bats to be quite a durable option in Dead Island 2. If we had to choose, we vouch for the Metal Bat as its material gives the weapon some extra oomph.

Fire Axe

The Fire Axe is a nice middle ground between the Sledgehammer and Metal Bat. We find it has a bit more power than the Metal Bat and is a bit faster than the Sledgehammer. At the end of the day, it’s all going to come down to preference, but it doesn’t hurt to have all three options with unique elemental effects added to each.

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player using gun in dead island 2Dambuster Studios

Best guns to use in Dead Island 2

Short-Barreled Shotgun

For our money, the Short-Barreled Shotgun is the best of its kind. The Assault Shotgun is another viable alternative, but the Short-Barreled Shotgun holds enough ammo to not be a liability, smacks like a truck, and sounds godly.


A nail-ed on favorite in this list, the Nail Gun is incredibly powerful, is capable of having a rather fearsome fire rate, and can maim Zombies in only one or two shots. In addition to all of this, it’s also a handy tool due to its magazine-size capabilities too.

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Auto Carbine

When dealing with large groups of Zombies at once, you need an automatic weapon. The Auto Carbine is your typical M4/M16 Assault Rifle with a big mag and great damage output. Crowd control is the best way to get the most out of the Auto Carbine and it will serve you well.

Hunting Rifle

Each individual shot with the Hunting Rifle absolutely obliterates its competition in the damage department. Fire rate is sacrificed in exchange for this colossal firepower, but it’s worth it when you’re one-shotting every Zombie in sight.

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player using curveball in dead island 2Dambuster Studios

Best Curveballs to use in Dead Island 2

Molotov Cocktail

From the moment you pick up the Molotov Cocktail until the end of Dead Island 2, the Molotov Cocktail has an inviting wide spread. It can cover a large radius in seconds with intense fire damage and is also a great instant trigger for the game’s many Gas Cans.

Military Grenade

One thing we love about the Military Grenade, similar to the Molotov Cocktail, is that it has instant detonation on contact. So, if you have a large hoard in front of you, unleash a Military Grenade and instantly maim and disperse the crowd.

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Meat Bait/Bait Bomb

Given that you’re limited in how many Curveballs you can use at one time, strategy will need to be factored in. If you need a Curveball with more defensive/conservative properties, then Meat Bait is perfect. It will create a useful diversion to escape perilous situations or give you a window to attack. Once you unlock the Bait Bomb, switch over to this more powerful upgrade.

Obviously, Dead Island 2 has many more weapons to choose from, but those are the best tools for the job in our eyes. If you want more tips, check out some of our other guides below:

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