Does Dead Island 2 have co-op multiplayer?

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Dead Island 2 has multiple Slayers to select from the get-go, but can you only tackle Zombies solo? Or does Dambuster Studios’ bloody first-person title incorporate any sort of co-op or multiplayer?

Many things are more enjoyable when done with someone else, and Dead Island 2 is a fine example of this. A disheveled, dystopian version of LA, known as Hell-A, that has been overrun by Zombies is the perfect stage for some humans to go to town on making sure they are dead.

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We’ve seen in the past games that seemed ideal for cooperative play or even just multiplayer in general, but ultimately never receive it.

Dead Island 2 is very much that type of game, so let’s run through if it supports play between friends and how it may work.

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Is Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer?

Yes, Dead Island 2 has co-op play! Dambuster Studios have served up a multiplayer treat for players to enjoy together.

Meaning, you can either join up with your friends to bash some skulls together, or you can even just hop into random matchmaking and perhaps discover new allies.

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The original Dead Island was known for its cooperative play, and it’s good to see that the follow-up has also added multi-person support.

Does Dead Island 2 have competitive multiplayer?

On the other hand, Dead Island 2 does not feature competitive PvP multiplayer. For the time being at least, the game focuses on cohesion rather than internal conflict.

There’s always a chance that a PvP may get added down the line, in the meantime, you’ll be able to enjoy regular co-op.

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How to play co-op in Dead Island 2

There are two ways for you to be able to get yourself into a mini-squad: Use the Join Game feature on the main menu for random matchmaking, or check your friend’s list, also on the main menu, and invite each other into your respective game.

There are six Slayers in total for you to pick from, and the devs generously give players three extra slots per game for additional players.

Meaning you can conceivably march into a massacre with four players all kitted out and ready for war!

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