How to build a Castle in V Rising: Gathering resources & Castle Heart upgrades

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Building a castle in V Rising is something players need to do to establish a more permanent base of operations. Here are some essential tips on how to gather the right resources, and upgrade your castle heart.

Building a castle in V Rising gives players a permanent residence to come back to after gathering resources and battling through the open world.

This guide will will help explain how to gather the proper materials to lay down your castle’s foundations and upgrade the Castle Heart.

How to build a castle in V Rising

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To build a castle in V Rising, players are first going to need to gather lots of stone to make Stone Dust and Stone Bricks.

The first thing players are going to want to do when building a castle is to find the best location for their base, then place down the Castle Heart. As the name implies, this is the center of your base, and you can’t start building without one.

You can do this by pressing the “B” key, selecting the ‘Fundamentals’ tab, and then placing the Castle Heart on the ground.

Next, players will need to do a few things to build the foundations properly:

  1. Lay the surrounding foundation by pressing “B” and selecting 8 foundation squares around the Castle Heart.
  2. Press “F” on the Castle Heart and put Blood Essence into it.

Giving Blood Essence to the Castle Heart will allow players to craft walls and structures to actually start building the castle. While you can temporarily construct walls made of wood, eventually you’ll need to use stone to reinforce your castle.

Focus on collecting stone and then follow our guide on building a Whetstone and gathering Stone Bricks here.

Expanding the castle and upgrading the Castle Heart

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Eventually, players will be able to build sprawling and imposing castles by upgrading the Castle Heart.

To unlock actual castle upgrades, players are going to need to get the Castle Heart to level 2.

This requires 12 copper ingots and 12 leather, which players can gather from copper nodes and animal hides, then refine them at their respective crafting stations.

Provided players have crafted Wood Planks and Stone Bricks using the Whetstone and Grinder, craft and place the reinforced walls and floors of your castle in the “B” menu again.

From here, it’s just a matter of gathering the proper resources to build the reinforced materials that will become the foundation of your castle.

That’s everything players need to know about building a castle and upgrading the Castle Heart in V Rising! Players who want to know more about the world of V Rising should check out the rest of our guides below:

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