V Rising: Early Access, platforms, trailer, gameplay, more

V Rising vampire on a throneStunlock Studios

V Rising is a new vampire-themed survival MMORPG that aims to wow players with its punchy combat and satisfying crafting mechanics. Here’s everything we know so far about the new title. 

V Rising is the latest game from the developers behind Battlerite, the colorful free-to-play MOBA. However, unlike its previous venture, V Rising has a much darker theme that enables players to live out their vampire fantasies. 

From slaying supernatural monsters to crafting gothic castles and dueling fellow bloodsuckers in multiplayer PvP – V Rising has plenty of content for fans to delve into. So, if you’re looking to build your very own vampire kingdom and wish to know more about Stunlock Studios’ latest title, then we have everything you need to know. 

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What is V Rising?

V Rising vampire sitting on a throneStunlock Studios
V Rising is an MMORPG that has survival and crafting elements.

V Rising is a vampire survival game that contains open-world exploration, crafting, building, and punchy combat. In order to regain strength after centuries of slumber, players must hunt for blood and rebuild their kingdom. 

Doing so won’t be easy though as holy soldiers and supernatural creatures inhabit the gothic open world. Alongside the various NPCs and PvE content, players can also duke it out in deadly PvP duels. 

Like most MMORPGs, V Rising features unique abilities that can be obtained from leveling your character. There’s also the ability to craft powerful armor and weapons, which can give you the edge in your bloody plight for world dominance. 

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V Rising platforms

V Rising environment screenshotStunlock Studios
V Rising has caught the attention of many MMORPG players.

V Rising is currently only available on PC via the Steam Store. Those on Xbox One, Series X|S, PlayStation, and Switch won’t be able to duke it out in the vampire-themed survival game.

Of course, we’ll update this section should the developers make any announcements of a console port.

How to play V Rising?

V Rising gameplayStunlock Studios
V Rising features plenty of unique abilities and playstyles.

For those that wish to get a head start before the game’s official launch, the developers have released an Early Access build. As of writing, the game can be purchased for $19.99/£15.49 via the Steam Store page. Purchasing the title will give players instant access to the current build and full version upon release. 

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Like most Early Access games, V Rising is not yet complete and various new content will be added throughout this phase. The developers currently aim to finalize the game and release it within 12 months.

The full version of V Rising will contain the following: 

  • More biomes and dungeons
  • New weapons and spell kits
  • New enemies
  • More Castle decorations and cosmetics
  • More crafting recipes
  • Additional features and increased performance to improve the entire experience

V Rising gameplay trailer

V Rising’s official Early Acess trailer showcased a number of the game’s spooky environments, castle-building mechanics, and deadly enemies that players will encounter. Everything from colossal bears to holy soldiers that roam around the environment. 

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It’s here where V Rising’s combat is showcased, with flashy abilities and spells being used to overwhelm even the most stalwart of opponents. With plenty of spell kits and unique traits on offer, there is a playstyle for every kind of playstyle. 

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about V Rising. Make sure you check out our other V Rising guides below to get a good headstart in the MMORPG.

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