How to get leather in V Rising

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v rising vampire attacks town at night under blood moon

Leather is a hot commodity in many survival games and V Rising is no different, so here’s how to make it.

Having finally been unleashed on the world in a flurry of blood, guts, and gore, V Rising challenges players to create their own vampiric empire from scratch and conquer the realm of the living.

Ascending to the throne isn’t easy, though, as you’ll need to build your Dracula-inspired castle from scratch while juggling gathering resources and sating your thirst for blood.

As you begin your rise to power, leather will emerge as one of the game‘s most important commodities. Essential to crafting, here’s how to get leather in V Rising.

v rising dracula style vampire castle framed by full moon under attack from angry rabble
Building your empire is no easy task, and you’ll need to stock up on resources to do so.

How to make leather in V Rising

V Rising is very much a survival game that throws you in at the deep end, so making leather isn’t exactly the most intuitive task in the world.

To make leather you’ll need to unlock a Tannery, which is done by felling your rival, Keely the Frost Archer, a Level 20 boss. From here:

  1. Return to your Castle
  2. Select the Build menu (bound to ‘B‘)
  3. Scroll until you find the Tannery
    • It costs 8 planks and 160 pieces of animal hide to build
  4. Interact with it, and drag your animal hide over the input slot to make leather
    • One leather costs 16 animal hide
    • Animal hide can be stockpiled from dead animals while hunting (we suggest heading to Farbane Woods to maximize your hunting efficiency)

So that’s everything you need to know to make leather in V Rising and, in turn, start to build your empire.

Looking to keep up to date with all things spooky? Be sure to check out our dedicated V Rising page for the latest news.

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