How to make Cotton Yarn in V Rising: Beatrice the Tailor & ingredient locations

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v rising vampire in cotton farm

Wondering how to go about making Cotton Yarn in V Rising? Here’s all of the resources you need to add this coveted material to your inventory, as well as the location of Beatrice the Tailor, the boss whose loom you’ll need to acquire.

Set in a Transylvania-inspired world where the living are simply food to fuel your rise to power, V Rising is the perfect blend of traditional survival game tropes and ARPG combat.

Of course, it goes without saying that gathering resources and crafting are key components of life in Vardoran, with commodities like Leather, Whetstone, Stone Brick, and Stone Dust all contributing to the growth of your empire.

Another key reagent is Cotton Yarn, used to craft some of the game‘s best weapons, but just where can you acquire the components to make it, as well as a loom? Here’s a rundown of how to make Cotton Yarn in V Rising.


v rising vampire attacks cotton field at night
As the living sleep, your vampire hunts.

How to get Cotton in V Rising

As you’ve likely already assumed, Cotton Yarn requires you to have an abundance of, well, cotton. 20 Cotton is required to make Cotton Yarn, so you’ll want to make sure you stock up on it.

Cotton can be gathered from:

  • Cotton Farms – Visible on your map, as you approach you’ll see these straight away because the cotton looks like fluffy, white clouds.
    • Take a weapon that does increased damage to vegetation to maximize your harvest.
  • Planting – If you acquire enough cotton seeds (acquired by destroying barrels and objects on Cotton Farms), you can plant the reagent on your castle grounds to save you running back and forth.

V Rising Beatrice the Tailor & Loom location

Got all of your cotton? Next, you’ll need to acquire yourself a Loom. It drops from the Level 38 boss, Beatrice the Tailor, who is located in Dawnbreak Village, Dunley Farmlands.

Defeating her will net you this all-important crafting station, which you can build using:

  • 12 x Copper
  • 20 x Planks
  • 4 x Wool Thread
v rising beatrice the tailor location
Beatrice can be found in Dawnbreak Village at the heart of Dunley Farmlands.

How to make Cotton Yarn in V Rising

Once your loom is all set up, all you need to do is feed 20 cotton into your Loom. 20 cotton produces 1 Cotton Yarn.

So that’s everything you need to make Cotton Yarn in V Rising; from where to find cotton to how to pry the loom from Beatrice the Tailor’s cold hands.

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