V Rising Iron Ore: Locations & how to farm

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Although quite common, Iron Ore is an essential item to survive in the hostile world of V Rising. If you’re wondering how to locate and farm it in the game, look no further.

In this survival game full of monsters and vampires, collecting and farming the necessary resources is essential to strengthening your inventory. Out of all the essential items that you can farm in-game, Iron Ore is one such material.

In V Rising, Iron Ore plays a pivotal role in upgrading your gear and castle – and if you’re struggling to locate them and farm in the game, our handy guide has got your back.


Here are all the iron ore locations in V Rising
V Rising
Get to at least level 37 before mining Iron in V Rising.

Where to find Iron Ore in V Rising?

Iron can be extracted from Iron Ores in the game’s world and is spread across some particular locations only.

Here’s a list of locations where Iron Ore can be found in abundance:

  • Haunted Iron Mine (located south of Dunley Farmlands).
  • North-west corner of Dunley Farmlands.
  • Eastern side of Cursed Forest.

Iron Ore farming requirements

Before you proceed to these locations to gather all the iron you need, you should really consider getting to at least level 37.

This is because a powerful boss lurks in the Haunted Iron Mine area just waiting to tear you asunder. The second item that you need to carry to mine iron is a Merciless Copper Weapon, ideally a Merciless Copper Mace.

It’ll deal a greater amount of damage to iron ores contrary to other weapons in the game.

V Rising screenshot showing a graveyard
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V Rising is filled with different monsters and vampires.

How to mine Iron in V Rising

After you’ve secured all the requirements, it’s time to head to the Iron mines. You must also ensure to drink the blood of a Worker Blood type NPC, to maximize the yield efficiency trait.

This will help you to collect more materials than normal, ultimately aiding in faster upgrades of gear and castle.

With the iron mined, you’ll also be able to smelt them to make Iron Ingots. However, it will need a recipe that can only be achieved after defeating the Quincey Bandit King (level 37 boss).

That’s everything you need to know on how to locate and farm Iron Ore in V Rising!

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