How to get Blood Essence in V Rising

Blood Essence V RisingStunlock Studios

Blood Essence is an essential resource in V Rising that’s required for building and maintaining your castle and you’ll need to be collecting a lot of it if you want to progress.

V Rising has finally entered early access and it’s giving you the opportunity to devour the land of the living and construct your own vampiric empire.

Of course, as with any survival game, you’re going to need to gather materials from scratch if you want to conquer the surrounding lands.

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One of the most important resources you’ll need to obtain as a vampire is Blood Essence as it’s required for building and maintaining your castle’s heart.

Not only that, Blood Essence is also tied to a lot of V Rising’s upgrade systems, making it absolutely key if you want to maximize your power as a vampire.

V Rising Blood EssenceStunlock Studios
Blood Essence is an extremely important resource in V Rising.

How to collect Blood Essence in V Rising

As you would expect, Blood Essence is obtained in V Rising by killing creatures or enemies that contain blood. This means undead opponents like Skeletons will not drop this resource, so don’t waste time killing them if you’re trying to farm Blood Essence.

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The process of collecting Blood Essence is extremely simple, you just need to harvest it from living creatures. Follow the steps below:

  1. Approach a living creature (Human, bear, dear, etc)
  2. Attack them until they’re on low HP
  3. Hit F to feed and obtain their Blood Essence or simply kill them
  4. The amount of Blood Essence you receive will be dependent on the enemy’s level

It’s worth noting that higher-level enemies have the chance to drop Tainted Hearts which can be exchanged for large amounts of Blood Essence in your castle.

However, this won’t be an option in the early game so consider looking out for Bandit Camps or bears as they’re both great options for Blood Essence at the beginning of your vampiric journey.

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How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

V Rising Forest blood essenceStunlock Studios
Unsullied Hearts are dropped by higher-level enemies.

When it comes to collecting Greater Blood Essence, you’ll need to have a Blood Press installed in your castle. This will allow you to press Unsullied Hearts, an item dropped by high-level creatures.

Four of these Unsullied Hearts can be converted into a single Greater Blood Essence, so it’s essential you obtain as many of them as possible.

So, that’s everything you need to know to about Blood Essence and Greater Blood Essence in V Rising and, in turn, start to build your empire.

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