How to get Stone Dust, Stone Bricks & Whetstone in V Rising


Stone Dust, Stone Brick, and Whetstones will very quickly become your best friends in V Rising as you upgrade your castle, but just how to you get all of these resources and the associated Grinder?

Set in a universe shrouded in shadows, V Rising transforms the player into a newly created vampire that’s intent on world domination.

Painting the idyllic countryside red is only half the battle, though, as you’ll have to seamlessly manage your thirst for blood and resource stockpiling in order to expand your reign of terror. With seemingly mundane items like leather making all the difference, Stone Bricks, Stone Dust, and Whetstone are also among the game‘s most important commodities.

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Stone Dust is a key component in the formation of Whetstone, which in turn is essential to building the Grinder that produces Stone Bricks. However, given you can only get Stone Dust by creating Bricks, the entire process is a bit confusing. So, here’s a rundown of how to get Stone Dust, Stone Bricks, and Whetstone in V Rising to save you tearing your hair out.


v rising vampire attacks villageStunlock
Slaughtering innocents is always a good time in V Rising, but it’s only one part of Stunlock’s survival game.

How to get Whetstone & a Grinder in V Rising

As you can imagine, Stone Bricks are essential to expanding your base in V Rising – after all, it’s a literal castle made of brick.

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In order to craft Stone Bricks, you’ll need to build a Grinder near your Castle Heart. Unlike with the Tannery, this can be constructed immediately after starting your adventure, and requires:

  • 8 Boards – obtained via the Sawmill
  • 4 Copper Ingots – obtained by adding ingots to the Furnace
  • 4 Whetstones – see below

Whetstones are a key component of a lot of the different structures you can build in-game (including the furnace you can later craft them from), but they’re not exactly the easiest to locate.

There are two main methods of doing so, with one requiring a bit of exploration, and another pitting you against a boss.

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  1. As you explore you’ll find Bandit Camps and other POIs on the map. Defeating the inhabitants and taking the area for yourself can often net you Whetstone, so just hover over the area to bring up what rewards you can loot.
  2. If you have defeated Grayson the Armorer (a Level 27 boss whose trail can be highlighted at your Blood Altar), you can craft Whetstone in the Furnace using 1 Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust.
v rising male vampire sits on throne with bat wings in castleStunlock
Making a castle this pretty ain’t an easy task.

How to get Stone Bricks and Stone Dust in V Rising

Once you’ve constructed your Grinder (no easy task, we know), then you can set about creating Stone Bricks:

  1. Add 12 Raw Stones to the Grinder
  2. This will give you 1 Stone Brick, and 1 Stone Dust as a byproduct.

So that’s how to get Stone Dust, Stone Bricks, and Whetstone in V Rising – try saying that five times fast.

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