Best base locations in V Rising: Map spots & resources

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V Rising provides players with the opportunity to settle down amid the rolling hills and cause absolute chaos, but the location of your base can have a huge impact on how your empire’s expansion plays out. Here are the best areas on the map to set up shop.

Anyone who has ever played a survival game will know that selecting your base’s location is an artform. With a whole slew of different factors to consider, V Rising is no different from predecessors like Valheim in terms of base and resource management, challenging you to build a tyrannical empire from scratch.

You’ll soon realise that some of the most seemingly mundane items can make or break your colonizing efforts, with commodities like Leather, Stone Bricks, Stone Dust, and Whetstone all playing an integral part in your vampire’s survival.

So, where’s the best spot on the map to set up your base in V Rising? Here are our recommended picks to help you maximise your bloodsucking efforts.


v rising vampire sits in base
“I just can’t wait to be king” sounds good right about now.

Best base locations in V Rising: Map spot list

Below we’ve listed off our preferred locations for bases in V Rising: Cursed Forest, Dunley Farmlands, and Silverlight Hills. We’ve taken into account the different resources that are available to you, and why these will be important to your reign of terror.

We suggest building on any of the areas areas bordered in black, as these are prime land for expansion. Any field will do, of course, but these areas are perfect as your castle grows alongside its Castle Heart.

Cursed Forest

V Rising cursed forest location on map
Doesn’t the Cursed Forest sound like a great place to live?

Of our three choices, the Cursed Forest is very much the ‘high risk high reward’ option. Swarming with vicious beasts just waiting to tear you asunder, clearing an area is a relatively difficult task – but it’s well worth it.

Pros Cons
Great hunting location because of all the animals There are a lot of high level enemies, so fighting through them to set up shop is no easy task
Has an abundance of iron Silverlight Hills, the area that houses swathes of silver, is on the opposite end of the map, making it quite the trek there and back
The wildlife is vicious enough to dissuade attackers Not beginner friendly
Perfect for players looking to play into the endgame

Dunley Farmlands

v rising dunley farmlands base location on map
Right in the heart of the action, Dunley Farmlands is a great place to start your rise to power.

Nestled amid rolling emerald hills and aquamarine rivers, Dunley Farmlands is our choice for those who haven’t played many survival games. Flanked by Silverlight Hills and the Cursed Forest and their associated materials, you can also easily harvest quartz, iron, and cotton, as well as different essentials from the Dunley Monastery.

Pros Cons
Abundance of quartz, iron, and cotton Easily attacked
You can raid the Dunley Monastery for glass, quartz, scrolls, and Mourning Lily Quartz and iron can be found elsewhere
The central location provides easy access to Silverlight Hills and the Cursed Forest, as well as the Starting Zone quests
The Haunted Iron Mine is accessible

Silverlight Hills

v rising silverlight hills map location
Silverlight Hills is renowned for its abundance of silver (funnily enough).

You’ve heard a lot about Silverlight Hills so far, and that’s because it’s the only source of silver in the game (hence its name). It’s also home to some pretty fearsome creatures that can be manipulated to defend your assets.

Pros Cons
The only location that has silver Cut off from the Cursed Forest
Has some of the best servants in the game, who in turn are perfect for protecting your base Not beginner friendly
Perfect for endgame oriented players

So those are the best base locations in V Rising; from these three hubs of civilization you can extend your influence and wipe out the living for good.

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