Twitch streamer tries shrooms for first time in V Rising and it’s amazing

. 1 month ago
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Twitch: BoxBox, Stunlock Studios

Twitch streamer Albert ‘BoxBox’ Zheng had an incredible reaction to trying “Trippy Shrooms” in V Rising after receiving them from a random NPC.

For those who may not know, V Rising is the latest game to find massive success on the streaming platform, Twitch.

V-Rising is an early access, open-world survival game where players take the role of a vampire waking up from a centuries-long slumber.

Like other open-world games, NPCs wander different locales handing out quests and items to players along the way. BoxBox recently stumbled across one NPC giving out some dubious fungus, and his reaction to trying them is hilarious.

BoxBox tries magic mushrooms in V Rising

While traveling through the wilderness in V Rising, BoxBox stumbled across an NPC named ‘Shaco’ who gave him an item called ‘Trippy Shrooms.’

Despite acknowledging the absurdity of accepting “shrooms from a stranger,” BoxBox quickly asked his chat if he should eat the mushrooms.

V Rising Forest blood essence
Stunlock Studios
V Rising’s lush forest environments may hide NPCs that give out some questionable items should players speak to them, such as “Trippy Shrooms.”

BoxBox went on to read the description of the item, which warned “Might make you feel trippy. Not recommended to eat.” Without skipping a beat, BoxBox ate the in-game fungi and quickly realized the description was no joke.

In an instant, BoxBox’s screen warped and blurred, much to the streamer’s surprise and amusement. Playing up the bit, BoxBox began stumbling around the forest calling out to Shaco.

After finding Shaco again in the forest, he began asking where he could find any more of the magic mushrooms.

BoxBox’s Twitch clip is a perfect example of why V Rising is blowing up on Twitch right now.

Streamers are exploring the game for the first time, finding all kinds of interesting secrets and encounters throughout the game’s sprawling, detailed open world.

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