V Rising Sunflower Seeds: Locations & how to farm

Lauren Bergin
v rising vampires on horseback ride through farm with sunflowers and cows

Sunflower Seeds may seem at odds with the dark, twisted universe of V Rising, but they’re an important resource nonetheless. Here’s a rundown of their locations and how to farm them efficiently in the game.

Alongside the likes of Leather, Stone Dust, Stone Bricks, and Whetstone in V Rising, seeds and plants are essential to building out your vampiric empire, allowing you to craft and upgrade items at a whim.

But where can you get Sunflower Seeds in V Rising? And how do you plant them to farm them efficiently? Here’s a rundown of all of their locations in-game.


v rising female vampire cutting down trees in sun and igniting on fire
We found out the hard way that the sun is, indeed, your nemesis in V Rising.

V Rising Sunflower Seeds: Location

Vardoran is a big place, so finding resources quickly is no easy task. While Sunflowers stand out from the pack given their size and iconic circular shape, locating them in this chaotic world is no walk in the park.

Below we’ve listed the main locations where you can find Sunflower Seeds in V Rising:

  • Sunflower Seeds can be found through Dunley Farmlands, with Cotton Farms being the best place to find them.
  • You can buy Sunflower Seeds from Berk the Travelling Trader for 45 Silver Coins. He’s located in Dawnbreak Village near Dunley Farmlands (see image below).
v rising dunley farmlands on map sunflower seed location berk the travelling trader
Dunley Farmlands is the hub of all things Sunflower.

How to build a farm & plant seeds in V Rising

You can build a farm on your castle grounds in V Rising to ensure all of your resources are within arm’s reach. To build a farm and plant seeds here’s what you need to do:

  • Place a new Border where you want your field to be. Borders are accessed via the Build menu under ‘Fundamentals,’ ‘Production.’
  • Drag the seed you want to plant into the Action Bar.
  • From here, simply select the seed and plant it wherever you want.
  • Allow a few in-game days to pass, then you can harvest your resources.

How to use Sunflower Seeds?

You can plant Sunflower seeds in growing plots to grow Sunflower plants, you can then use Sunflower to craft the following items:

Resulting ItemCrafting materials
Scourge Pendant1 x Scourgestone
12 x Glass
60 x Sunflower
Garlic Resistance Potion20 x Hell’s Clarion
20 x Sunflower
4 x Rat
1 x Water-filled Bottle
Imperial Thread412 x Snow Flower
12 x Sunflower
8 x Wool Thread
(Must defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist)
Skeleton Priest4 x Gem Dust
24 x Sunflower

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