How to fix Disney Dreamlight Valley Nintendo Switch glitch freezing Star Path event page

Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Path Blue Chest Nintendo Switch GlitchDisney, Nintendo

Disney Dreamlight Valley players have been experiencing a stuttering glitch during the Star Path event.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is loaded down with things for players to do. The Animal Crossing-reminiscent Dreamlight Quests allow players to amass the Dreamlight currency needed to unlock new areas, character quests are rich with narrative, and the Star Path focuses on a “season” where players can earn special, themed rewards.

The Star Path isn’t available immediately at the start of the game. Players will instead unlock it after completing the first few main narrative quests from Merlin – which only takes a few hours of gameplay at most.

While the Star Path and Moonstone-filled Blue Chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley seem easy enough to access, however, some Nintendo Switch players are encountering a bug that prevents the Star Path tab in the menu from loading and makes the Blue Chests inaccessible. Below is a fix for accessing these areas on the Nintendo Switch.

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How to fix the Star Path glitch on the Switch

Disney Dreamlight Valley CastleDisney, Nintendo
Dreamlight Valley Star Path unlocks after helping Merlin

Players can access their Star Path by opening the main menu using the “+” button on the Nintendo Switch. Using the bumpers, navigate to the “Event” page. If this page comes up blank following the appearance of Blue Chests on the map, that means a setting on the Nintendo Switch is likely not correctly activated.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley event page will not load if the Nintendo Switch’s date and time are not synched to the internet. This will also prevent the Blue Chests on the map from being accessible. To fix this, follow the steps below:

  • Save your game
  • Close Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Select the “Home” button on the bottom of the Right Joy-Con
  • Selecting “System Settings”
  • Scroll through the options and select “System”
  • Select “Synchronize Clock via Internet

After doing this, restart the Nintendo Switch, the open Disney Dreamlight Valley. Reopen the main menu and scroll to the “Event” tab. The Star Path should now load correctly.

How to fix the Blue Chest glitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unfortunately, this may not be the end of the Blue Chest glitch. While synching the time and date to the internet should fix most chest problems, there is a bigger known glitch surrounding the Blue Chests that is waiting on a patch.

The solution currently available is to quit the game and restart until the chests can be opened, but it may also be easier to ignore the chests until the next patch.

While time traveling to change the daylight hours in Disney Dreamlight Valley may be tempting, those who want to access Star Path challenges will have to settle for playing on their synched time. Hopefully, more options for in-game time will be added in future updates, giving players more control over the daylight hours while exploring.

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