Disney Dreamlight Valley ingredients guide: Location & sell price

Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

If you want to make some great meals you’ll need some ingredients. So, here are all the ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley, where to find them and how much you can sell them for.

Disney Dreamlight valley is filled with useful resources to help grant you Star Coins, energy, Dreamlight, and even friendship. One such resource is the games many ingredients. They are primarily there for you to put in recipes but can also bring in a tidy profit and be used to complete your Dreamlight Duties.

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While ingredients are a vital part of the game, they can be a little tricky to find. We’ve compiled all their locations and sell prices so you know what to cook and what to sell to Goofy.

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Dreamlight Valley vegDisney / Gameloft
Most vegetables come with seeds so you can plant them anywhere.
IngredientLocationSell Price
AsparagusFrosted Heights133 Star Coins
Bell PepperForest of Valor33 Star Coins
CarrotPeaceful Meadow44 Star Coins
Chili PepperSunlit Plateau78 Star Coins
CucumberFrosted Heights159 Star Coins
EggplantFrosted Heights308 Star Coins
LeekForgotten Lands309 Star Coins
LettucePeaceful Meadow8 Star Coins
OkraGlade of Trust114 Star Coins
OnionForest of Valor170 Star Coins
PotatoForgotten Lands126 Star Coins
PumpkinForgotten Lands664 Star Coins
SpinachGlade of Trust41 Star Coins
TomatoDazzle Beach22 Star Coins
ZucchiniSunlit Plateau 52 Star Coins


IngredientLocationSell Price
CanolaForest of Valor109 Star Coins
CornDazzle Beach16 Star Coins
RiceGlade of Trust61 Star Coins
SoyaSunlit Plateau69 Star Coins
SugarcaneDazzle Beach19 Star Coins
WheatPeaceful Meadow2 Star Coins


Disney Dreamlight Valley FruitDisney / Gameloft
Most fruits can be harvested in their respective locations.
IngredientLocationSell Price
AppleForgotten Lands, Plaza25 Star Coins
BananaPeaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach29 Star Coins
BlueberryForest of Valor, Dazzle Beach29 Star Coins
CherryFrosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau42 Star Coins
Cocoa BeanSunlit Plateau, Glade of Trust38 Star Coins
CoconutBeach (After Burying The Eel quest)42 Star Coins
Coffee BeanGlade of Trust (after Stitch quest)
GooseberryFrosted Heights, Forgotten Lands50 Star Coins
LemonForest of Valor, Glade of Trust33 Star Coins
RaspberryPlaza, Peaceful Meadow21 Star Coins


IngredientLocationSell Price
ClamDazzle Beach45 Star Coins
OysterDazzle Beach250 Star Coins
ScallopDazzle Beach50 Star Coins

Chez Remy’s Pantry

Disney / Gameloft
You can find the Pantry items in Chez Remy but they can be pricey.
IngredientLocationSell Price
ButterChez Remy190 Star Coins
CheeseChez Remy180 Star Coins
EggChez Remy220 Star Coins
MilkChez Remy230 Star Coins
PeanutChez Remy200 Star Coins
Slush IceChez Remy150 Star Coins

Spices & Herbs

IngredientLocationSell Price
BasilPeaceful Meadow25 Star Coins
GarlicForest of Valor60 Star Coins
GingerForgotten Lands100 Star Coins
MintFrosted Heights80 Star Coins
MushroomGlade of Trust30 Star Coins
OreganoPlaza20 Star Coins
VanillaSunlit Plateau60 Star Coins

Those are all the ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley and where you can find them, as well as what you can sell them for. If you’re looking for more Disney Dreamlight Valley guides then check out some of these:

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