Disney Dreamlight Valley: Touch of Magic Boutique explained

Cassidy Stephenson
Disney Dreamlight Valley Boutique

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Thrills & Frills update has not only added Daisy Duck but also her fashionable Boutique.

On May 1, 2024, Disney Dreamlight Valley launched the Thrills & Frills update for both base game players and DLC owners. The new version added Daisy Duck to the Valley and Oswald to the Eternity Isle.

Thrills & Frills also brought along several key improvements, such as being able to ride the Disney Park attractions and villagers regularly sending mail to your mailbox.

After Daisy Duck comes to your Valley, she will open up her Boutique for you to display your creative designs.


What is the Touch of Magic Boutique in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Boutique in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Daisy Duck’s Boutique is a way for you to show off your favorite Touch of Magic creations. Touch of Magic is a tool for customizing items such as clothes and furniture. While designing these items, you can choose different colors, shapes, and motifs you’ve acquired through opening chests or completing the Star Path.

In addition to displaying your designs, you can exchange your creations for rewards by following Daisy’s themes.

After the announcement of Daisy’s Boutique, some singleplayers didn’t understand its purpose if you don’t participate in multiplayer ValleyVisits.

How to unlock the Touch of Magic Boutique

You must first bring Daisy Duck to your Valley to unlock the Touch of Magic Boutique. If you’re stuck on how to do so, check out our guide here. Then, visit Daisy’s house and collect the items needed to craft the Wonderland Amplification Elixir.

After crafting it, go to Daisy’s house and water the mini Boutique. Next, place it anywhere you want in the Valley.

How to add clothes to Touch of Magic Boutique

If you want to add clothes to the Boutique, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a Touch of Magic item of clothing
  2. Head to a Mannequin and select ‘put on outfit’
  3. Add your Touch of Magic item and press confirm

What are Boutique Challenges in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Each day, Daisy Duck gives you a Boutique Challenge with certain instructions to follow. To complete a Boutique Challenge, you must meet a number of keywords by designing clothing and furniture on the raised stage in the Boutique.

What are Daisy Coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

In exchange for completing Boutique Challenges, Daisy rewards you with Daisy Coins. You can buy the following Touch of Magic base clothing designs with Daisy Coins:

Basic Silk Gloves100 Daisy Coins
Basic Fedora300 Daisy Coins
Basic Dress Shoes100 Daisy Coins
Basic Circle Scarf100 Daisy Coins
Basic Headphones300 Daisy Coins
Basic Chelsea Boots100 Daisy Coins
Basic Bandana100 Daisy Coins
Basic Hoodie300 Daisy Coins
Basic Blazer300 Daisy Coins
Basic Asymmetrical Gown1,000 Daisy Coins
Basic Fashion Jacket1,000 Daisy Coins

Here are the following base Furniture designs you can purchase with Daisy Coins:

Framed Boutique Canvas300 Daisy Coins
Frameless Boutique Canvas300 Daisy Coins
Basic Vertical Cupboard 300 Daisy Coins
Basic Diamond Door300 Daisy Coins
Basic Circular Rug300 Daisy Coins
Basic Cobblestones100 Daisy Coins
Basic Widescreen TV100 Daisy Coins
Basic Curved Monitor100 Daisy Coins
Basic Wall-Mounted TV100 Daisy Coins
Basic Boutique Trophy500 Daisy Coins

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