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Destiny 2 best weapons and how to get them

Published: 25/Nov/2021 17:00 Updated: 26/Nov/2021 1:23

by Connor Knudsen


Destiny 2 has a vast and ever-expanding weapon arsenal, sometimes leaving players overwhelmed at all of the options. But, amidst all the fodder, there are some clear-cut best weapons in Destiny 2.

Destiny’s exotic weapons have always stood out as some of the most coveted items in the game, even dating back to Destiny 1.

These exotic weapons can be collected through questlines, by purchasing them from Xur, completing campaign missions, or even just from random drops. Each has its own way to be found and its own unique accompanying perks.

Below are 10 of the best exotic weapons in Destiny 2’s arsenal, how to find them, and what the best use case for each weapon is (PvP or PvE). This is based on community sentiment concerning the weapons as well as personal experience.


MIDA Multi-Tool

mida multi tool destiny 2
MIDA Multi-Tool, Scout Rifle

Best use: PvP // Author’s overall rank: #10

The MIDA is a staple in the Destiny universe and has stood the test of time due to its utility and reliability. Namely, this gun has an ability that keeps its radar open when aiming down sights (ADS) and it grants movement speed to-boot. This makes for a perfect Crucible weapon if you fancy using a Scout Rifle.

The weapon is obtained through completing the main storyline and all following EDZ missions. After that, players should receive a MIDA Mini-Tool from Devrim Kay, and then proceed to the Gunsmith in the Tower to receive the “Sight, Shoot, Repeat” quest. From here, the steps are relatively simple and easy to understand, making the MIDA Multi-Tool not only one of the best guns in Destiny 2, but also one of the easiest to get.



riskrunner destiny 2
Riskrunner, Submachine Gun

Best use: PvE // Author’s overall rank: #9

One of the most satisfying and literally electric guns in Destiny, Riskrunner stands as perhaps the game’s best Submachine Gun. Its “Arc Conductor” perk is a big reason why this gun is as powerful as it is in PvE, as it makes players resistant to Arc damage. So, for strikes and raids that deal heavily in Arc damage, Riskrunner is a great choice.

Riskrunner is obtained from an exotic engram, which players get from random exotic drops earned in various Destiny 2 activities.


thorn destiny 2
Thorn, Hand Cannon

Best use: PvP // Author’s overall rank: #8

To many, Thorn may be the best gun for PvP that has ever been, and it has been that way for quite some time. Another Hand Cannon, Thorn pierces targets and does damage over time, with kills leaving behind remnants which increase damage when they are picked up. Like most PvP guns, this can be feast or famine at times but has serious potential in the right hands.


Thorn used to be acquired through a multi-step questline that begun on the EDZ, but now can simply be purchased at the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower with the following materials.

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 125,000 Glimmer
  • 200 Dusklight Shards
  • 1 Ascendant Shard

Tractor Cannon

tractor cannon destiny 2
Tractor Cannon, Shotgun

Best use: PvE // Author’s overall rank: #7

If nothing else, Tractor Cannon has to be one of the coolest-looking and goofiest guns in Destiny 2. This Shotgun is a Power Weapon that has the ability to push enemies back, has insane range, and makes for one of the most unique exotic weapon experiences. It is great for PvE, especially when players find themselves getting backed into a corner.

Tractor Cannon is obtained from an exotic engram, which, again, players get from random exotic drops earned in various Destiny 2 activities.



witherhoard destiny 2
Witherhoard, Grenade Launcher

Best use: PvE // Author’s overall rank: #6

Witherhoard is one of the best Kinetic weapons in the game, especially when it comes to PvE. It also happens to be one of, if not the best, Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2.

What’s more, it’s also extremely simple to acquire this gun. All players need to do is gather the necessary resources to purchase it at the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. This is located just next to the Vault. The cost for Witherhoard is listed below:

Witherhoard is a single-shot Grenade Launcher that specializes in area of effect damage. It’s one of the best tools for clearing out crowds and can even deal some serious damage to bosses and mini-bosses.



hawkmoon desstiny 2
Hawkmoon, Hand Cannon

Best use: PvP // Author’s overall rank: #5

Hawkmoon, a blast from the past for fans of the original Destiny, made its return in Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion. To paraphrase Oklahoma country music icon Toby Keith, although it’s not the same as it once was — it’s as good now as it may ever be.

Players get the new and improved Hawkmoon via questline, where they will need to go to the Tangled Shore and find the Spider’s lair. There, the Spider will give you a quest called “As the Crow Flies” and you’ll be on your way to find shiny feathers scattered all across the galaxy.

After that, players will go talk to Crow in the Tangled Shore, where they will get a second quest called “Let Loose Thy Talons.” Aptly named, and much easier than collecting feathers, this quest is more straightforward.

This Hand Cannon excels in PvP, rewarding players who can string together headshots. Each headshot hit in a round grants stacks, which all accumulate to deal bonus damage on the last round. This perk, mixed with some stellar stats, makes Hawkmoon a top-tier Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 and a top pick for Crucible.


anarchy destiny 2
Anarchy, Grenade Launcher

Best use: PvE // Author’s overall rank: #4

The list’s second Grenade Launcher, Anarchy is arguably the best Power weapon in all of Destiny 2 — especially when it comes to PvE. This is, in large part, simply due to its stats, however, it also has a nice perk that sticks its grenades to surfaces. This makes landing shots on larger bosses a breeze and almost makes this gun feel like a Rocket Launcher at times.

Anarchy is easily acquired, or at least it is now. Until recently, this gun was only available in random raid drops, but now it can simply be purchased at the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower with the following materials.

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 150,000 Glimmer
  • 2 Ascendant Shards
  • 240 Spoils of Conquest

The Last Word

the last word
The Last Word. Hand Cannon

Best use: PvP // Author’s overall rank: #3

The Last Word is another classic Hand Cannon in Destiny and yet another excellent choice for players seeking an edge in PvP. In fact, this gun is the highest-rated on this list for Crucible.

Full-auto Hand Cannon. Does anything else really need to be said?

When it was first released back in 2019, there was a questline that gave The Last Word lore and led to its acquisition. However, now this gun is obtained from an exotic engram, which players get from random exotic drops (which can be earned during… various Destiny 2 activities).

Trinity Ghoul

trinity ghoul destiny 2
Trinity Ghoul, Combat Bow

Best use: PvE // Author’s overall rank: #2

Trinity Ghoul came to Destiny 2 in the Forsaken expansion and has remained one of the best Combat Bows in the game. It is an excellent choice for taking down large crowds due to arrows that split into three at release. It also has some lightning chaining that helps to additionally clear out waves.

The gun is obtained from an exotic engram, which players get from random exotic drops earned in various Destiny 2 activities.

The Lament

the lament destiny 2
The Lament, Sword

Best use: PvE // Author’s overall rank: #1

The lone Sword stands at the top of this list. The Lament is an absolute beast and allows for some of the most DPS in the game, due to its ability to be revved up and deal massive bonus damage. There is no other game this author would rather have for most PvE encounters than The Lament, and the ease of the questline makes it all the more desirable.

The questline for The Lament is called, aptly, “Lost Lament.” The most time-consuming part of this quest involves finding dead exos throughout Europa. Otherwise, there are several steps to this quest, but it will serve to be more laborious than challenging once you’ve located those dead exos.

Best Destiny 2 Weapons: Honorable Mentions

Destiny 2 Chaperone Exotic Shotgun
The Chaperone is a highly effective shotgun in PvP thanks to its slug rounds.

Destiny 2 has a plethora of weapons to choose from. For those that couldn’t make the top 10, we’ve decided to give them a spotlight.

The following weapons are all widely considered some of the best Destiny 2 weapons. Whether you’re a PvP or PvE Guardian, these are all great choices:

Best PvP Weapons in Destiny 2

  • The Chaperone (Exotic Shotgun)
  • Ace of Spades (Exotic Hand Cannon)
  • Vex Mythoclast (Exotic Fusion Rifle)
  • The Wardcliff Coil (Exotic Rocket Launcher)
  • Heir Apparent (Exotic Machine Gun)
  • Felwinter’s Lie (Legendary Shotgun)
  • Main Ingredient (Legendary Fusion Rifle)

Best PvE Weapons in Destiny 2

  • Vex Mythoclast (Exotic Fusion Rifle)
  • One Thousand Voices (Exotic Fusion Rifle)
  • Fatebringer (Legendary Hand Cannon)
  • Chroma Rush (Legendary Auto Rifle)
  • Falling Guillotine (Legendary Sword)

Destiny 2 has just recently unveiled its latest expansion, Witch Queen, which is set to release in February of 2022. That leaves plenty of time for players to soak up the current content, stock up with the best weapons, and increase their light level to their heart’s content.