Where is Archie in Destiny 2 Into The Light? How to get the Blue Steel shader

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Archie the robot dog in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Into The Light has new content for players to explore with a new quest and shader being added this week. Here’s where to find Archie in Destiny 2 and how to get the Blue Steel shader.

In Destiny 2, Archie is an adorable companion and robot dog programmed by House Bray. He may not be too relevant to the lore and our impending fight with the Witness, but that hasn’t stopped Guardians from showing the good robo-boy plenty of love. However, Archie has gone missing and it’s up to you to track him down and bring him back safely.

What’s more you’ll also get a brand new Blue Steel Shader at the end that will be one for anyone who really loves blue. And in the end, isn’t Destiny 2 really all about the fashion? This is a quick way to spruce up your next build with some color, and it doesn’t take to long to complete either.

To find Archie you’ll need to complete the ‘Where in the Tower is Archie?’ quest. This guide details everything you need to know to do just that.

How to complete ‘Where In the Tower is Archie?’ quest in Destiny 2

Start by heading to where Archie is normally found in The Tower’s Annex between The Drifter and Ada-1. In place of the robot dog will be Paw Prints which you’ll want to investigate. Afterward, speak to Ada-1 to begin the quest.

The ‘Where In the Tower is Archie?’ quest involves four riddles hinting at where Archie has wandered off to. You’ll need to figure out these riddles and track him down.

Here are all four riddles and where you’ll need to go to solve them:

1. Archie heard about something called “ramen” and had to see what all the buzz was about.

Where to find Archie for ramen step in Destiny 2.

Head outside to the Bazaar, The Tower’s western area where Ikora and Suraya can be found. Look for the lone ramen shop near the stairs to the annex. Walk up to the counter and ‘Investigate Paw Prints’ to complete the first step.

2. Archie wanted to go pay his respects to a famous gunslinger.

Where to find Archie for gunslinger step in Destiny 2.

The gunslinger in question is Cayde-6. His memorial can be found in The Tower’s courtyard near Commander Zavala and the Ironwood Tree. As before, walk up and investigate the Paw Prints to continue.

3. Archie took off past the security checkpoint to salute a feathered friend.

Where to find Archie for feathered friend step in Destiny 2.

This time you’ll need to go to The Tower’s hangar in the northeastern area. As soon as you enter the main Hangar, signaled by the big ’02’ on the wall in front, turn right and you’ll see Archie’s paw prints next to a chicken. Investigate them to move on to the final step.

4. Archie’s last stop. He wandered into an open airduct in the hangar and might have gotten a little lost. A friendly security frame is keeping an eye on him.

Where to find Archie for hangar airduct step in Destiny 2.

Staying in the hangar, climb the northwestern stairs next to where Xur occasionally spawns to reach the top. Follow the catwalk until you reach a left turn, here parkour around the corner to your right instead to reach another platform.

Continue through the pipes and vents that follow until you find a room with a large, circular table. In this room, head through the only doorway and follow the path through the vents to find Archie and a robot security guard. Walk up to Archie and offer him ‘Pawsitive Reinforcement’ before finally returning to Ada-1 to finish the quest.

How to get Blue Steel shader in Destiny 2

The Blue Steel shader can be gotten in Destiny 2 as a reward for completing the ‘Where In The Tower is Archie?’ quest and claiming it from the secrets section of Into The Light’s Triumphs.

Once you’ve completed the quest and received the rewards, you can equip the Blue Steel Shader on almost any weapon or armor piece you want. The only exception is Exotic Weapons which require unique exotic ornaments to change their appearance.

Here are all the rewards given for completing ‘Where in The Tower is Archie?’ and what they do::

  • Blue Steel shader
    • A unique blue shader that can be equipped on weapons and armor to recolor them.
  • x10 Trophies of Bravery
    • Event currency used to either roll for Brave Arsenal Weapons or unlock ornaments at the Hall of Champions.
  • Expired Ramen Coupon
    • A useless item that can be dismantled.

After claiming your rewards be sure to head over to the Hall of Champions to use your Trophies of Bravery as they can be used to get some of the best weapons in Destiny 2 including Forbearance and Edge Transit.

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