Dead Island 2: Curtis’ Safe Key location

Curtis' Valuables Safe Dead Island 2Dambuster Studios

Looking to open up Curtis’ Valuables Safe in Dead Island 2? Well, here’s how to find that Safe Key to help you grab the powerful loot inside.

As one of the first side quests in Dead Island 2, many players have a great time helping Curtis clear his extremely large house from any Zombies. However, his home is filled with valuables for you to find, including a pretty useful safe.

So, if you’re looking to get inside Curtis’s Valuables Safe, which is located in the wine storage room, just by the rear entrance and opposite the utility room by the garage side door, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s where to find Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2.

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Where to find Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2

Curtis' Valuables Safe keyDambuster Studios
You’ll need to defeat Crystal the Lawyer if you want to get the keys.

As it goes with most keys in Dead Island 2, Curtis’ Safe Key is pretty tricky to find and does require a tough fight. However, you need to be at the right point in the game, so, if there isn’t a Screamer Hotspot in the back of the house, keep playing and come back later on. If there is one, follow these steps to grab Curtis’ Safe Keys:

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  1. Head to the back of the house, where a giant monogrammed crest is on the ground, it should be a Screamer Hot Spot.
  2. Search the entire area and target the Screamers.
  3. When he spawns, kill Crystal the Lawyer
  4. Once defeated they will drop Curtis’ Safe Key.

Once you have the key, Curtis’ Valuables Safe is yours and you’ll be able to unlock it. Inside you should find plenty of cash and a powerful Tactical Heavy Revolver.

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