D&D Honor Among Thieves Collection review – The best plushes for epic battles

DnD Honor Among Thieves collectionWizards of the Coast/WizKids

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is nearing release, and fans of the tabletop and the upcoming feature film can show off their enthusiasm with a new D&D plushes from WizKids.

Dungeons & Dragons fans have plenty of ways to show off their pride, from collecting illustrious special illustration copies of sourcebooks to painting detailed models of their adventurers. Some even learn to make their own dice, boasting multiple sets per character they play.

In celebration of the new D&D movie Honor Among Thieves, WizKids has partnered with Wizards of the Coast for a particularly special set of collectible items that will have any tabletop fan mesmerized. The collection includes five plushes and a miniature set of monsters, bringing some of the most iconic D&D creatures to life.

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Dexerto took a look at several items in the collection, and as an avid Dungeons & Dragons fan, we were blown away by the quality and detail of each item we took a look at.

D&D Honor Among Thieves Gelatinous Cube is filled with treasure

Gelatinous CubeWizards of the Coast/WizKids

WizKids is well known for its wide selection of Dungeons & Dragons collectibles. From miniatures to large collectibles figures. Fans who play in person with 3D maps have likely utilized their detailed items for more immersive gameplay.

The Honor Among Thieves collection takes this to a new level with its interactive Gelatinous Cube. The adorable, classic D&D monster is 8″ tall and is priced at $39.99 USD.

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The plush has sturdy walls covered in a soft plush material, and fans can risk reaching inside to pull out three plush bones, a skull, a sword, and a shield. Additionally, anyone who sets it up in their bedroom or office will notice an eerie glow from the items inside and the Cube’s adorable little eyes when the lights are turned off for the day.

The Gelatinous Cube is perfect for those who want to display it as part of a collection, or for parents who have young D&D party members wanting to reenact epic adventures. It is a truly quality plush.

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WizKids brings D&D dragon Themberchaud to life

themberchaud plushWizards of the Coast/WizKids

Fans of D&D Dragons will be particularly excited to see Themberchaud as part of the WizKids Honor Among Thieves collection. The enormous 13″ plush costs $34.99 USD, and comes with several huggable features.

The dragon’s wings are posable thanks to the sturdy wire, allowing fans to arrange it for photos, or show it off on shelves or bedspreads. Additionally, the dragon is particularly soft, covered in a quality plush material that’s noticeably silky to the touch. This makes the powerful dragon a cuddly companion for anyone who wants to snuggle up with it.

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One of the details that surprised me the most was the wings and underbelly of Themberchaud, which fade from a creamy yellow to an orange-red. The extra detail adds depth to the plush and makes it that much more enjoyable to look at. It is easily my favorite item from the set.

A pocket-sized Owlbear for every adventurer

Owlbear D&DWizards of the Coast/WizKids

Fans of smaller plushes perfect for desk displays or bookshelf decorations are in luck, as this collection also includes an adorable little Owlbear. A far cry from the monster that crashes through the coming Dungeons & Dragons movie, this little cuddly bear is covered in extra-soft fluff rather than feathers.

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The Owlbear is about 7″ tall and will cost fans $16.99 USD. It is a sitting plush, so its legs and arms can’t be adjusted to other poses. That being said, my two-year-old son saw it come out of the box and he has been carrying it around non-stop. It is the perfect size for little hands and isn’t too scary for smaller D&D fans.

My only wish with this little plush was that the front legs were just a bit longer, as its cute little head can cause it to fall forward if not arranged correctly when set on a flat surface.

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Verdict 4.5/5

The WizKids and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves collection is a fantastic way to celebrate the release of the new movie and add classic D&D monsters to personal plush and figure collections. The plushes are high quality, big enough to be played with, and vibrantly colorful. My only wish is that I could buy them all as a giant set, instead of separately!

These plushes are perfect for both new and longtime tabletop fans and are suitable for players of any age. Those who see Honor Among Thieves after its release date on March 31, 2023, will find each of these items to be a great way to show off a love for adventure.

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A Gelatinous Cube, Themberchaud, and Owlbear plush were provided to Dexerto for the purpose of this review.

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